The Silver Necklace

The Silver Necklace
I stood upon the sidewalk
Outside the little café
Guitar in hand, paper cup at my feet
Pretending I knew how to play
Faded denims, loose at the waist
A little undernourished it seems
But a small price to pay for freedom
Wandering in search of my dreams
I look as though I haven’t slept
Playing the cards I had drawn
I guess the fire escape made a fine bed
But I always welcomed the dawn
An old man paused and sang a tune
Appearing a little screwed up
But he sang like a happy canary
Then dropped some change in my cup
A small group gathered round me
Smiling while dancing their heads
A nickel, a dime, some copper, some wine
Even an old loaf of bread…
As I paused to gather my wages
A young woman arrived with the rain
She knelt down beside my cold bare feet
Then gave me a silver chain
I told her I could not accept it
Its beauty matched that of her own
She told me to wear it till next we meet
And I’d never again be alone
I have not found her by searching
For thirty three months to the day
Traveling from city to city
Playing my heartbreak away
I returned to play on the sidewalk
Outside that same small café
Where the owner had once belittled my art
And told me to please go away
I played a few tunes in the sunshine
A larger than usual crowd
My cup running over with kindness
While the people were singing out loud
I glanced inside the window
The café was filled with pleasure
Sitting inside at a table for two
I found my hidden treasure…
She motioned me to come inside
And sit with her for tea
We chatted about the months gone by
And how great our lives could be
She touched the silver necklace
I’d worn since that first day
She said that she now owned this place
And wanted me to stay
As fate would have it, she could sing
Like angels from above
We found the music in our lives
And shared our lives in love…
My faded denims fit me now
My paper cup is gone
I no longer sleep on fire escapes
But still anxious to welcome the dawn

© 2015 All Rights Reserved…



22 thoughts on “The Silver Necklace

    • Thank you janetcate – That’s just the words I like to read. You can’t help feeling honored when someone tells you that you warmed their heart. Hope your day is most beautiful and thanks for taking the time to warm my heart as well…


    • Thanks wordz2go – I’m glad you dropped by and enjoyed the post. I do so appreciate you taking the time to leave such kind words. The interaction between us wordpressers is the most enjoyable part of the experience. Thanks…
      Hope your day is filled with inspiration…


  1. Wonderful Story as the wanderer made good… Nice to have a happy ending.. 🙂 And I often wonder about the buskers in our town .. They bring the Music to our lives.. And so many people just pass them by.. 🙂
    Wishing you a great weekend Michael..
    Have a Blessed Day..
    Sue 🙂

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    • Hi Sue – It was good to hear from you this morning. Yes, many people do pass them by. Perhaps they are lacking in compassion or perhaps just in a hurry. I’ve even seen them cross the street or change their path to walk around them… I guess so they don’t feel as guilty about not putting any money in their hat. Street musicians are often extremely interesting and their lives so unlike the ordinary. Most are just happy to be playing their music for anyone that enjoys it … never thinking anything bad about those who don’t stop or who don’t offer them a coin. What’s important to most of them is sharing their music and their love with all who will listen. Often… very enlightened souls… Hope your day is most enlightening also, Sue… Thanks for your always wonderful comments…

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  2. Michael…. this is out of the box brilliant… I’ve read it over three times and don’t seem to get enough of it… brilliance … pure brilliance… I always love stories with happy endings and this seems a rag to riches story that worked out… I love it… well done…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good evening bulldog – your wonderful comments continue to color me in humbleness. If you were to point your camera in my direction in this moment, it would reflect a rainbow of inspiration and encouragement… and I sincerely thank you!
      Hope your evening is also inspiring…

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  4. Oh, Michael, this is so eloquently beautiful. This is the first time I am reading your work, and I Love it so much, I followed you. Thank you for sharing with me your Shining Light. I so enjoyed this poem of yours as I found myself immersed in a world you created. Love, Amy


    • Thank you so very much, Amy, for your words of kindness. I have felt the same way since discovering your site. Your writing is amazing and I become lost within your beautiful words. I’m glad you dropped by and enjoyed this poem and I thank you so much for brightening my day…
      Hope your weekend is filled with beautiful moments…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh my goodness, Michael, the graciousness in your words humbles me. To know that you are really enjoying my work, brings such great JOY to my Heart. I really try to get to my friends’ blogs as best as I can to enjoy their work too. It may not be as often as I would like, but I really do my best. I hope you as well are having a great weekend. I just came back from a shoot so keep an eye out for those images next week. (smile) I did some things a wee bit different from my norm. (((HUGS))) Amy

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  5. An endearing love story with the intricacies of loss and pain, justified with a happy ending. Stuff my dreams are made of. Thank you, Michael! By the way, you can call me Dana. I’ve never been thrilled with my middle name. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Dana and thank you. I guess we all have those dreams for ourselves as well as for those we care about. A lot of my poetry is far from fairy tale endings, so it’s fun to write one that does and dream of the possibilities… Hope your day has a fairy tale ending also…

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