The Skyy is Falling

photo credit: DavidDPD via photopin cc

photo credit: DavidDPD via photopin cc

Rated – Just a little naughty…

“The Skyy is Falling”

Turning my face to the moonlight
Allowing the last few drops of Skyy
To drip upon my tongue…
Finishing what we both had started…
My fingers gripping the blueness,
The cold hard feel upon my fingertips,
Much like your last touch upon my heart…
Our last encounter, surrounded by
Too much Skyy
Too much sativa
Too much naked wetness
Being spread across the hillside…
When I awoke this morning
All I found of you were those
Last few drops that now linger…
Burning on my tongue
Just as you have done for so long now…
I find myself consumed in the aroma of
Your perfume…
Your essence…
Your passion
Adrift in the air that surrounds me
For I do not wish it to disappear from my senses
As your beauty has vanished from my vision…
Even in my sadness of this moment
I must smile in my remembrance
Of the voracious appetite of our exuberant passion
Causing the still half full bottle
To tumble from the nightstand…
While you screamed in your excitement –
“The Skyy is falling”…
We both laughed till our tears
Turned once again into
The succulent persuasions
Of our passionate effusions…
Thin clouds now passing before
The breadth of the moon
Fainting the shadows passing across my room…
As if teasing me with their playfulness
Just as your own shadow had done
Falling across my nakedness
In the luminary light of heavenly bodies
On the eve of only yesterday…
While your shadow was followed closely
By the sensuous touch
Of your soft smooth skin against mine,
These shadows in this very moment
Followed only by the hardness of reality
That you have left me here…
In the light of lunar persecution
Within the emptiness of this room…
Except for the last few drops of Skyy
And the lingering sting upon my tongue

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved

May you awaken in your tomorrow
In beautiful moments of blue sky



11 thoughts on “The Skyy is Falling

  1. I can’t even form a proper sentence after reading your thoughts, Michael. I felt every step you so effortlessly tried to disguise. These musings of yours are enjoyed. Beautiful, thought provoking and down right enjoyable. Pat yourself on the back, my dear. The women will be here in droves soon. You’re so good at what you do.


    • Oh… Audrey Dawn – You’re sending me deep within my humbleness. I’ve never thought that proper sentences were necessary once my fingers begin typing. I do so enjoy your ability to read between the lines of my words. When you dig beneath the disguises is when they really become fun. Hope your Friday is smothered in beautiful, thought provoking experiences… and I thank you so much for your inspirations…


    • Thanks Bulldog – I’m counting on this year being far better than the recent past and your comment is certainly helping me achieve that goal. I must say, your recent posts captivated my spouse and myself last evening. The pics of the birds were gorgeous and the meerkats – well – it doesn’t get much more adorable than that. With your beautiful pics and the good news from Linda’s doctor, it seems that perhaps we are both headed for a good year…
      Hope your Friday is filled with inspiration…


    • Good morning Janetcate – Thank you so very much for your kind words. I guess we are even now – because your comment has touched my heart. As I’m sure you know, it’s a beautiful feeling when you hear that someone is looking forward to what you write and I thank you for taking the time to let me know. Hope your Friday is most beautiful…


  2. I agree completely with every comment on this post. You are brilliant! This is my new favorite. I have to admit, I am totally jealous of your gift… I thought you said the nut fell close to the tree…. Maybe the refrigeration froze my poetic foot. Haha


    • Good morning urfavrit – Thank you for your most generous words and I’m honored that you have chosen this post as your current favorite. It was fun to write and gathered life within itself with each word as they fell upon the page. You should find no jealousy within gifts of another, for all of us possess gifts within our own selves. Sometimes it is just difficult to discover them or to bring them forth into the light. I have only sipped in brief moments of your own gift of words upon the page, for you… much like me in my years, far removed from this one, your desires, your cravings, your life demands, have not until this moment allowed you to pursue your gift. It is there waiting for you to fill the empty page with the story of your heart and soul. Sometimes the nut falls so very close to the tree that it finds difficulty in taking root, but will persevere until the wind stirs its desire to sprout within new surroundings. Refrigeration did not and could not freeze your poetic foot… It just preserved it for use within the most perfect moment.
      Hope your day is most beautiful…


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