Hues of Euphony

Flower fix

Hues of Euphony


For I do not want for a single strand

Beyond the love within your heart

While my heart sings in blending hues of euphony

With the symphonic poetry of your own

It is not love that has lingered in perpetuity…

For it is far beyond the bounds of love

That has walked with me into Eden

Where I have taken my very first breath

Of the volitant soul

© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved



17 thoughts on “Hues of Euphony

    • Thanks Sue – Glad you dropped by. Your always kind words have continued to enlighten my endeavors and your site continues to enlighten my entire being… Thank you…
      Hope your day is most beautiful

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      • Thank you Michael,, its been one of those rainy dull cold days here.. But I made myself go into town this morning and shake off some of my own doldrums.. So yes my day is most beautiful.. its how we have to view it 🙂 that matters..
        Enjoy your Thursday 🙂

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  1. I don’t get it… Just kidding. But I did have to bust out the dictionary about 3 times. Haha. Maybe its the musician in me, but you wont believe what this poem brought to my memory. It’s like it goes together or like maybe this poem could be lyrics for it. Anyway, you sat at your piano one day and out of nowhere (your heart soul and poetic foot of brilliance) your fingers created the most beautiful, moving melodic masterpiece, that brought tears to all who heard it. I’m blessed to have been one of those people. 😊

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    • Good morning Urfavrit – “Out of nowhere”… hmm… that sounds like a good title for a new poem… or perhaps a new song. I remember that day also… however I always try to avoid the tears… Now I’m thinking about how much more beautiful and brilliant it would have been or could now be, with a talented bass player filling the air with some soft gentle harmonious runs to go along with it. Then it could be a masterpiece…
      Hope your day is beautiful…


    • Good morning Audrey Dawn – I have found inspirations within so many wonders of the world, but so often, our greatest inspirations are standing alongside us, within the stillness…
      Hope your day is inspired with many wonders…


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