Splintered Ink

Splintered Ink

Splintered Ink
I read the books upon the shelf
I found the world but not myself
Bookmarks left between the pages
Words unread in paper cages
I walked on hillsides lined in gold
And lived the lives of stories told
But I could never find my heart
Lost amongst your abstract art
I tried so hard to judge by covers
But trapped inside were jealous lovers
In desperate need of one more line
To cast away their saddened rhymes
I gently held the first editions
Turning pages in erudition
Searching what my life was missing
Finding only lovers wishing
Antiquities found beneath the dust
Pages penned with lies and lust
My own reflection between the binds
With nary a word that’s underlined
I cleaned the shelves of stories told
Where fact and fiction and lives unfold
Leaving only sprigs of thyme
And poets words of love in rhyme
Behind the shelves that lined the hall
I found my writing on the wall
The poet’s life in splintered ink
With faded words that interlink
Bookmarks left between the pages
Words unread in paper cages
Fractured ink behind the shelf
Lingering there I found myself

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved



12 thoughts on “Splintered Ink

  1. Bravo! Beautifully said. I hope you were just as excited to find yourself as we who have found you here are each time we find you’ve passed through and left us something lovely.


    • Thank you Asariels Muse – You always enlighten my world with your comments and I thank you. Yes… I am found… at least until I crawl back behind the shelves…
      Hope your day is beautiful


    • Good morning Laine – Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Perhaps I am found… but I must ponder the fact that I, as someone attempting to write poetry… was found behind the shelves instead of upon them. I try to throw something in for the readers to really think about, but I think most of them just read for the enjoyment of the poem and don’t delve into the philosophy of the writer’s intent… and considering my often disturbed mind… perhaps that is best. Hope your day is most beautiful and filled with inspiring moments. I am about to enjoy some inspiring moments at this time, for I am on my way to your site to absorb…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you, Michael. I just finished responding to your comments on my blog. I have just poured my first cup of coffee for the day, and travel here. What a boring world it would be if every poem followed the same rules. Still, the experts are always trying to put us in a box or some other form bound for academia. I’ve decided not to suffocate there. I’m glad you feel the same. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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  2. A beautiful and moving poem. Glad you found yourself. I feel like I have found myself as well, well at least my core self. I believe and hope I will always evolve and become anew on a daily basis.


    • Good morning Janetcate – Thank you so much… I’m glad you enjoyed it. As I have read your posts, It seems to me that you not only have found yourself, but are leading others into pathways that will help them find themselves as well… and we thank you for sharing your experiences with us…
      Hope your day brings new and beautiful evolution into your life…


  3. Michael
    First thank you for stumbling across my blog so that I could enjoy yours. I really love the lyrical nature of this , as well as what you say. I thought the whole piece rather brilliant. Thank you for sharing☺️
    Xx Take care Paris


    • Good morning Paris – First, let me apologize for taking so much time responding to my comments. I am often slow, but I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for interaction between us. Thank you so much for dropping by and for leaving such encouraging words. Your comments and your poetry are truly inspirations within my own writing. Your comment of “brilliant” certainly causes me to feel very honored considering the quality of your own poetry and I thank you sincerely.
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…

      Liked by 1 person

      • No apologies necessary, life is so busy Michael, I’m lucky to read some blogs here and there, I feel blessed that people will stop by even tho even been absent from theirs. Your poetry is exceptional and I truly mean that. We are our own worse critics. Thank you for the compliment as well. Have a blessed day.
        Xx Paris


  4. uh huh. The flow of this one is delicate and steady. It reads aloud very well – a most enjoyable read. I love the phrase “Words unread in paper cages” — it just speaks volumes (no pun intended) to me. I will admit I got stuck on “Leaving only sprigs of thyme” ‘time’ I could understand – I’m missing the function of ‘thyme’… Probably one of those apparent ones I’m overthinking 🙂 Again – fully enjoyable. An outstanding write.


    • Hi Marcus… Glad you liked this one… You’ve been digging back a ways… thank you. If the truth be known, I don’t think one can really overthink a lot of my words and phrases… I usually put a great deal of thought into them and have a lot of fun placing things into each poem that will make the reader do some searching or at least visit a dictionary… I truly enjoy the “read between the lines” type poetry. Here’s my reasoning for the use of “thyme”…

      Cleaning shelves of stories told
      (cleaning out unwanted parts of one’s life)
      Where fact and fiction and lives unfold
      (Sorting through it all to find truths of one’s soul)
      Leaving only sprigs of thyme
      (Thyme is sometimes used for smudging (cleansing) and protection)
      (it also signifies healing, love, and courage)
      And poets words of love in rhymes
      (keeping only what signifies love within the rhymes of life)

      I also enjoy others interpretations of some of the verses. I love it when someone discovers a whole different meaning then what I intended… It makes writing even more fun… It is always interesting to look at words from many different perspectives…

      Hope your day is going well and thank you so much for our conversations… It’s my favorite part of wordpress…



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