Upon the Wings of Sparrows

May 22, 2010 onxy kittens 001

For my Valentine

Upon the Wings of Sparrows
I had never dreamed
   Of love before you…
      For one can never dream
         Of what’s unknown
If I had never heard
   You whisper softly
      I’d still be but a lark
         That’s never flown
I had only dreamed
   Of love in wonder
      Before I felt your breath
         Against my face
I could only wonder
   Of enchantment
      Before you placed my hand
         Beneath the lace
Soaked within the essence
   Of your passion
      Lingering in this moment
         Void of time
Your smile has flown me
   Far beyond tomorrow
      Upon the wings of sparrows
         Rapt in rhyme

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Wishing you a most beautiful Valentine’s Day
May your Valentine fly you far beyond tomorrow…

Michael33  ♥


12 thoughts on “Upon the Wings of Sparrows

    • Thank you so much Phoebe – but it is actually me who is the lucky Valentine, to have someone that inspires poetry from the heart is truly a beautiful thing…
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments… I do believe your heart is due some real happiness…


  1. Another amazing poem. I will share it with my husband. Just this morning I was soaked within the essence of his passion and we just lingered for 2 hours. My heart felt so full. It was beautiful.


    • Now… that’s the kind of morning that deserves lingering Janetcate… I am honored that you enjoy sharing my writing with your husband and I wish you both, many more beautiful mornings…


    • Thank you Audrey Dawn – I have indeed been one of the fortunate ones on this earth when it comes to love. Every day I am given to spend with my Valentine is certainly spectacular. Hugs to you also…
      Hope your Thursday is filled with spectacular moments as well…


    • Good morning Laine – Thank you so much – I’m glad you enjoyed it. It seems that my fingers are sometimes used by unknown sources to write words that would not normally have come from me, so perhaps an angel did have something to do with it. However… I am certain that it was inspired by an angel. Hope your day is also inspired by angels…

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