From Dreams


From Dreams

Awakened this morning at three thirty-three
Your face in the moonlight sleeping next to me
Exactly the way that I knew it would be
From dreams of walking through Eden
With the moonlight sifting through curtain lace
Echoes of touch my fingers retrace
Visions of colors with souls interlaced
From dreams of sunsets in Sweden
As I long for your eyes of golden umber
They softly awaken from peaceful slumber
Always embracing our passioned hunger
From dreams of stairways to heaven
The first blush of dawn caressing your chest
With colors in hues of the robins breast
Sharing our thoughts with words freshly pressed
From dreams of love’s obsession
Your fingertips brush my searching hand
Like the first time we touched in sifting sand
Hues of passion in the Promised Land
From dreams in soft Persian blues
I hear the music from within your heart
Sunlight exposing your work of art
The light within, your beauty imparts
From dreams…
Of only you

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved



6 thoughts on “From Dreams

    • Good morning Bulldog – You always brighten my spirits with your comments and I thank you sincerely. I would really like to agree with the “publishable” comment, but unknown poets usually remain out in the cold… unknown, but if anything I write, pleases another, I have accomplished my goal. Hope your day is terrific and filled with wonderful photographic opportunities…


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