Crystal Condensation

photo credit: Days End via photopin (license)

photo credit: Days End via photopin (license)

Good evening to all my readers.  I must offer my apologies for a lapse in posts over the past week.  It seems my health decided to take some giant steps backward and I’ve spent the past week living in the dark ages… Both of my ongoing major illnesses combined their efforts and succeeded in incapacitating my physical abilities.  There were moments that I was tempted to wave the white flag and surrender.  I didn’t.  You’re stuck with me for a while longer… although it did an excellent job of transposing my mind into realms of darkness where I wandered through worlds of unpleasantness that I didn’t think anyone should have to wander while in their humanness.  I was wrong.  Today… I am somewhat better… So please enjoy tonight’s post and I hope to continue posting more often…

May your evening be filled with well-being… and beautiful moments…

Crystal Condensation
Sometimes life’s peculiarities
Lie far beyond our control
Discovering perhaps a missing piece
While fitting the parts to the whole
Like puzzles upon the table cloth
With an empty misshapen space
A box with only cardboard shards
Where nothing falls into place
Sometimes we fill our empty space
With abstract intellections
And mistakenly search for perfectness
Within life’s imperfections
Like bottles upon the table cloth
Iced with anticipation
Plans get changed, while the wine remains
In crystal condensation
Sometimes we wander from the path
While lost in conversation
Searching through some darkened cave
With sensuous contemplation
Like shadows upon the table cloth
As the crimson fades to night
While folded hands remain untouched
In a single candle’s light
Sometimes we linger inside time
Till moments pass us by
Thoughts in rhymes of what was missed
No longer asking why
Like secrets shared round the table cloth
With the breath of obfuscation
Plans get changed, while life remains
In crystal condensation

© Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

Thank you for dropping by…



12 thoughts on “Crystal Condensation

    • Thank you ‘alady’ – I am certainly attempting to hang around a while longer – I’m not sure that loveliness is what I’ll be spreading, but I’ll sure be spreading something. After all… isn’t that what wordpress is all about? So glad you dropped by and took the time to comment. I read your ‘about’ page earlier today… and yes, I made it all the way to the end. Excellent… cheered me up. Thanks for brightening my day…


      • You can unfollow my other blog asarielsmuse now, I’ve moved over here for good. I’m tickled that my silliness brightened your day. I hope you have many around you to keep it bright.


    • Hi Audrey Dawn – Sorry to have worried you. Yes, I feel you holding my hand often and I feel the hugs regularly and I thank you so very much. Funny you should mention robins… there was one staring into my window this morning, shortly after dawn… tormenting two cats sitting nearby. When they weren’t looking, he stole some of their cat food and disappeared into the holly bush. Brave robin… Thank you so much for your always wonderful compassion… I promise to use it wisely…
      Hope your evening is beautiful

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Danica – I put the white flags away. I could never surrender anyway… I have too many things left undone… Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me with your encouraging words…
      Hope your evening is filled with inspiration…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janetcate – I have found the light switch in the darkness… the illness is not so easily dealt with, but due to many unexplained circumstances, I’m still here. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and particularly pleased that it has given you something to ponder. Glad you dropped by with your always enlightening comments. You have brightened my day once again…
      Hope your evening is filled with wonderful moments.


  1. I am glad you didn’t wave the white flag Michael, And yes life certainly presents us with its challenges that is for sure.
    And I sometimes wonder at the plan?.. But writing our poetry helps offload… And your poems are powerful examples of your spirit..
    Blessings for your continued strength Michael..


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