I cannot see through this rain
Even as I stand before you
Knowing that you are
Within my reach…
Raindrops fusing with my tears
Blurring my vision
Of what is right
And what is wrong…
I feel your fingertips
Against my skin
Yet… I cannot see
The face that I have so
Longed to be near…
I must find the strength
To turn and walk away from you
But my knees have weakened
By your very presence…
My will to leave you
Absorbed by your silent reverie…
Your lips posed unparted
Seductively awaiting
The caress of my own…
As I inhale the aroma
Of your nectar
My desire reaching for climax
With just the thought
Of your luscious fluid
Penetrating my skin so completely
My veins surge with your passion…
Yet… you are the forbidden indulgence…
You are the abrogation
Of my soul…
I must remain in my consciousness
Blinded by the pouring rain
Washing my tears into the
Marl beneath my feet
Even if I must crawl
Through the feculence
Of your lustful allure…
Or I shall perish
In my own stains of desire…
Drowning in your effusion…
While you stand before me
Awaiting the weakness of another

© 2015 All Rights Reserved

Now that you’ve read the poem and drawn your conclusions…
Think of the same poem with the title of “Addiction”…
Every one of us has been affected by addiction…
that of our own or that of someone we dearly love.
Everyone suffers from it in some form.  It destroys relationships, changes
personalities, and takes those we long to touch, into worlds we cannot
reach.  Perhaps someday, someone will discover just the right words to say
that will carry those who suffer the greatest from the edge of darkness,
but the only true cure must come from within the addicted…



25 thoughts on “Faceless

  1. It is so true that the only cure has to come from within. Inside of all of us is the wisdom to heal ourselves and our world. if you lift yourself up you are impacting the world. it also influences others when you lift yourself up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Janetcate – Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts with us. I do believe that you have been a prime example of healing from within, but you have carried it a step further by sharing your experience with others searching for that enlightenment… and bringing them hope…. and we thank you for it.


  2. Beautiful depiction of unrequited love and desire. I could feel the pain of unfulfilled desire as I read the words. Very sensual and emotional. Thank you for your offering. Twill be difficult to match.
    Much love,


    • Good evening Annie – So glad you dropped by and enjoyed the post. As you already know, when someone tells you that they have felt your words, there is really no greater compliment… and I thank you sincerely…
      Hope your evening is filled with beautiful moments…


    • Well thank you very much for the hug, young lady… you always seem to sense when I am in need of one of those… hope the home office is turning out well…
      Hugs to you as well…


      • It’s going slow, it’s a lot to move and set up. Sometimes a hug is the best I can do, words don’t always come when I want them to.


    • When we care about someone, it is easy for us to fall into that trap, thinking that we are actually helping them… yet, eventually they will either see the light or we will understand that what we are doing is not giving them the help that they really need. It’s just a vicious cycle sometimes with no clear cut answers. Often, those possessing great compassion within themselves are over ruled by their hearts. Glad you dropped by and wish you beautiful days ahead… I am so very lucky to have the opportunity to interact with such an enlightened spirit and I so appreciate all the moments you have brightened for me.


    • Good evening Purpleanais – I am so very honored for the nomination. Although at this point, I have been too much of a procrastinator to follow up with the process, I wanted to thank you profoundly for finding my site worthy of such an honor.
      Hope your evening is most beautiful…


  3. I was turning in tonight and u thought of you! I saw you visited so I wanted to come read something before bed. Wow did I pick a great one! I like the end when you said this could resemble addiction! I know what you meant! But I can say I’ve been addicted to a person in this way a type of person! That was my poem comments!
    Now for you….how are you? I hope you are resting and doing what you need to so you can remain strong! Rest well sweet friend! I just wanted to say something….I’ll look for you at dawn again, your sunrise arrived it was very beautiful! I’m sending one you way for tomorrow! So capture some energy from its brilliance! 💫sweet dreams angels keep you safe till tomorrow!

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    • What a beautiful message I have found this morning. Talk about brightening someone’s day… You have done that far beyond the sunrise… I am still enjoying the magnificence of dawn, but the days are so hot and I must stay hidden away from the heat as best I can. As you have already determined, I have not been as well lately, but that is something that I must live with from day to day because I am too hard headed and determined to give up. With your situation with your daughter I am certain that both of you must endure very similar situations on a daily basis as well. But when I sit down before my laptop with my first cup of coffee in the morning… and find such caring thoughts before my eyes… it can do nothing but capture my heart and fill it with light and with hope. Angels do keep me safe… some of them even leave me beautiful comments to enlighten my spirit… Thank you so much Micki…
      Hope your Thursday is most beautiful…


      • I do know and understand maybe that is why I can feel something. I stopped several times yesterday and thought of you and said a little prayer. I want to share this one with you.
        No Words
        Sometimes there are no words. That’s how I know I am in the right place. It wasn’t the struggling or trying too hard to convince myself of something. It was about finding this place….my heart prayer card for today! Isn’t that interesting I have heart prayer cards! I find it wonderful I have friend and I’m illustrating her books odd how she wants to help hurting hearts heal and in the process mine has.
        I found a place a quiet place that inside me. It is empty…At first I used to fill it with things in life like taking care of Alex and doing anything but to feel this vast expanse in my soul. This is where divine inspiration comes from but I didn’t know this till I let go of all I have placed there. Then like now I can feel you and I’m not afraid of that. Used to I would feel someone that is struggling and it scared me because the feelings are so strong. So now I’m sitting here with you.
        It is already hot outside here in Oklahoma it was 118º at my house outside too hot to even walk my dog. The sky this morning was void of all clouds which means it will be a scorcher again today. It was the prettiest midnight blue with a ting of yellow just at the horizon. I know you saw it too so I didn’t take photos this morning.
        Have you ever heard of the movie with Christopher Reeves and Jayne Seymour Somewhere in Time? Well this feels like that. Odd thing to say to someone you don’t know but I thought you might like to listen to the soundtrack. I found the entire CD online. When I first saw this movie I thought how wonderful time travel would be and how love can travel through time. I believe in things like that. I’ll leave it at that and leave this link for you to find! Have a beautiful day!

        This makes me cry for some reason. It always has. Who knows maybe these are tears of love that is never lost. Have a gentle day!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Micki… I am so very glad that your hurting heart is healing… that quiet place inside provides such solace for our heart, our mind and our soul… I dwell within that quiet place more often than any other… although it may not always be so quiet… sometimes it is filled with beautiful songs of the sparrows, or gentle touches from the breath of angels… healing light from caring souls… and of course, it is where I store all the beautiful images of the dawn…
        I am glad that there are people like you and your friend who are helping others find that place within them…
        Beautiful moments to you…


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