In the Fog

Spring Beauty 3

Good morning – just a note about this poem.  Contrary to its title, it is not about the weather.  Although it seems as though the writer was driving down the highway in a heavy  pre-dawn fog… he was not.  Wrap your beautiful mind around the words and allow it to drift far beyond their face value and you will discover the place in which I wandered at the moment of its conception… but don’t linger there too long…

Have a beautiful Sunday…

In the Fog

The fog rolled in round 3 A.M.
Like a black blizzard across the plains…
Binding my vision to mere illusions
Of my imagination…
I had no sight of starlight
Nor the headlights that crept before me…
Desperate to find the way beyond the darkness
Like the man newly blind
Confined in aspirations
By the ambiance of peculiarity…
Filtered thoughts through colanders of reason
Expecting light’s reflection upon
The bounds of the invisible…
While biblical beings circled my head
Braiding in and out of distant thunder
As if to hang the mural on the wall
Where fate once hung its breath
Of death within the ebon
Persuading the hues of dawn
Through mortal brume
Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved


6 thoughts on “In the Fog

    • Thank you Prospermind – Glad you enjoyed it. However, having visited your site, I don’t really think that your imagination needs any sparking. It seems to be great already. Hope your day is filled with beautiful experiences…


    • Thanks adamjasonp – Sometimes I’m not even sure where the words come from… they just seem to find their way onto the page. Sometimes they express my intent… sometimes they express something else…….. Glad you liked it. Hope your day is filled with inspiration.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Early morning drifting again? Secure that anchor Luv, we like it when you come back to share your adventures with us. Don’t want you getting too fogged out there. 🙂


    • Hi Tina – Good to hear from you. I am always a morning drifter… sometimes drifting into unusual worlds of wonder, but always finding enlightenment in some form while wandering. Hope your Sunday is most beautiful and thank you so much for always brightening my day.

      Liked by 1 person

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