Fleeting Moments

Blue flowers

Fleeting Moments
She arrived on a gentle breeze
In the light of the full moon
With the song of the nightingale…
She stayed until the dawn
Had caressed her imagination
Into thoughts of fleeting moments…
She vanished in the tempest
Into hues of Persian rose
Her masterpiece still lingering in my heart…

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10 thoughts on “Fleeting Moments

  1. Dreams, dreams of a day gone by!
    (Blue skies and the sunny south)
    A fair small face and a rosebud mouth,
    (O Love, my Love and Italy!)
    As the moist fresh rain in a time of drouth,
    She came, my Love, as a child to me.
    [from Ernest Dowson: A Mosaic]


    • Of dreams may linger
      The poet’s treasure
      A fair small face
      With tales to treasure
      For what can bring
      More honest smiles
      Than truths be spoken
      From the mouth of the child

      Thank you for your poetic verse that shall linger upon my site, to ponder for eternity…
      Hope your evening is most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

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