Standing in Silence


Standing in Silence

When I flew as an eagle flies
I hovered above you
Like Orion in the crisp night sky…
Watching over you in your humanness
With the pretentiousness of believing
I could protect you in the darkness
Like the Angels that linger near to you
While you are sleeping…
Yet, I was but an eagle
Soaring through the sky
Rising to great heights in my courage and strength
While barren of the wisdom of the owl
Within the darkness…
I lost sight of you as
You wandered in and out of the shadows
My wings bound by my pervading disquietude
Of flight without vision…
I could only stand in my silence
And await the dawn
With only the hope that those with sight
Where Cimmerians dwell
Would reach for you
With their light in the darkness…

When I roamed as a panther
In the darkness of the deep forest
I could watch you from timber’s edge
As you wandered beyond the twilight
Into shadows of ebon…
Protecting you from creatures
That slither into midnight
In search of one of innocence…
Yet I still could not
Provide sanctuary for your heart
From those who could
Walk upon the clouds…

I journeyed to the teachers
In search of wings
And found them in the soul
Of the seven sisters…
I lingered there
With those of antecedence
Where wisdom filled my soul
With that of truth…

And now…
As I wander this earthly plane
In my humanness…
No longer possessing
Vision within the darkness
Nor the ability to soar
Upon the wings of the eagle…
I find that I can hold you in my arms…
Feel your heart against mine…
And love you…

As you wander this earthly plane
In your humanness…
In and out of the shadows of ebon…
Walking upon billowed clouds
Or spreading your wings
Across the realms of Orion
In the crisp night sky…
The pathways you choose
Will be lighted by angels
In hues of enlightenment…
While I… in my humanness
Will always be near to you…
Standing in my silence…
With endless hues of love…

© 2015 All rights reserved



26 thoughts on “Standing in Silence

  1. Wonderful and shivery this morning…. At 3am the birds began to sing, I jumped from bed thinking that I had overslept but it was still dark, I wandered out on the balcony and the birds were singing loudly as if it were sunrise…. but only three of my seven daughters made it to camp with us this time around…. Haha! I do love your poetry


    • Good evening Tina – I’ve been noticing that the birds are serenading long before the dawn lately. They must be trying to tell us something. Thanks for dropping by and hope you have a great time at camp…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Adam – this one just kind of wrote itself and went in directions other than what I had intended. Glad you enjoyed the results…Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day. Hope your weekend is most enlightening…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Heather – I am now in my most humbled state from your most beautiful words. As I am sure you know, when someone takes the time to let you know that what you have written touches their soul, it is truly a beautiful experience for the writer. I am very honored… I thought we had lost you on wordpress and I am thrilled to find you here. Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving such encouraging words…
      Hope your weekend is most beautiful….


    • Thank you so much for your kind words and the reblog – I am always honored and humbled whenever someone enjoys something that I have written enough to reblog it on their own site and I thank you very much. Hope your Sunday is most beautiful… Thanks for allowing your light to shine…

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    • Good morning and thanks Oscar – Glad you dropped by and enjoyed the poem. I just spent a while on your site and enjoyed myself thoroughly. The red panda video was wonderful, but your writing about the red pandas was quite humorously enlightening. I’ll be back often and thanks again for taking the time to brighten my day…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you so much for checking out my blog! Yeah I was pretty ridiculous in that post haha but definitely happy you enjoyed it! I like your poems a lot you have a strong grip of the written word, plenty of vivid imagery and heartfelt wordplay I like it a lot. Thanks for swinging by and brightening my day as well! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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