The dawn has blushed the horizon
With hues of Persian rose
Gently caressed with just a kiss of lavender
The sunrise lingering beneath the pallet
As if pausing to bathe in its own inspiration
As the fog begins to dwell before my eyes
Persuading shades of dawn
Into hues beyond my imagination
I feel the mist of angels upon my face…

While my footprints have wandered
Only the semblance of humility
Within this lifetime
My mind pausing in wonder
Of why such beauty stands before me
Untouched by human hands…
Unseen by those who cannot linger
For even a single moment in time…

As the fog begins to crowd the light
Into shades of platinum and gray
I can see the shadows of dandling souls
Wandering amongst the Junipers
While songs of the mockingbird
Dance through the bathing breeze

I pondered upon a hollowed log
Watching a spotted owl
Undulating in and out of sleep
High in the cottonwood
Towering above me…
As the light of dawn
Weaves its blush of amaranth
Through the evanescent fog
I felt the wandering souls
Gathering round me…
Still in my quietude
The first glimmer of sunlight
Cresting on the horizon…

As my state of mind
Fell into rumination
Upon places where
My curiosity should nary dwell…
The immortal vagabonds
Spired me into breath
Far above the horizon
Where my wondering eyes
Brushed against the hues of dawn
As the morning sun spread its glory
Ever so gently
Across the fields of heaven

© 2015 All rights reserved



11 thoughts on “Sunrise

    • Sunrise and sunset… just one lingering glance and you’re transformed into a poet within your heart. Thank you Sue for brightening my day. Hope your evening is most beautiful…


    • Dawn – such a poetic word… such a poetic thought… and of course… there are many Dawn’s who are such poetic people. Thank you for always lifting my spirits, Audrey Dawn… Hope your Monday was happy as well and your Tuesday even more beautiful…


    • Good morning JuleAnn and thank you so much for dropping by. From reading some of your poetry, it became obvious rather quickly that you must be familiar with the immortal vagabonds that wander near to us. Loved your site and plan on lingering there often.
      Hope your day is most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. AH good morning I had to get over here and see some sunrise and cotton candy came to my mind when I saw this. Like that blissful feeling you had when you were a kid and maybe you went to the state fair and that smell of cotton candy when you spotted the one with pink and lavender. What a sweet smell memory by this happy sweet sight. What a beautiful place to rest my eyes and read about this sunrise that took your breath away.シ I love it when that happens and I always want to holler hey come here look at this…now I can across the miles I know you’re looking too! That makes me smile. I posted those dancing clouds last night for you just so you could see them since I thought of you when I saw them! I’ll leave a warm gentle hug, ❤ in hopes that yours is strong, happy and well, and a smile (◡‿◡✿). I hope you feel that you are on my mind and thoughts. I pray rest finds you today! シ


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