Standing in Peace

Peace 1a

Standing in Peace

You walked with me
Through fields of barley
Deep into the Himalayans…
Watching, as those of unbelief
Crumbled that which we cherished
Before our eyes…

We paused in a brief moment
Of meditation in Nepal
As we both searched for the stillness…
While others of different thought
Threatened us with walls of stone…
We fell upon our knees
Pressing our palms tightly together
In prayer for peace…
Finding ourselves betrayed
By those amongst us…

We stood together in rice bogs
Of the Mekong Delta,
In effigy of those of misguidance…
Watching horrors that we alone
Could not prevent…
Finding only the souls of the innocent
Rising above our bended heads…

I remember when we stood
Alongside the boundaries of Auschwitz,
As tears filled the banks of the Sola,
From both sides of the fence…
Yet, we laid shackled beneath the surface
By the indifference of the world…

Remember when we stood bare foot
In the hot sand, near Samara
Hoping to find our way
To the cool of the Tigris…
Only to find the graves
Of wanderers in search of tranquility?

You and I have traveled forever together…
Searching for what our souls have longed for
Throughout eternity…
We have even strolled along the sidewalks
In the suburbs of the city of the arch,
In our contentment…
Only to find our children
Lying in a pool of their own transgressions
Because of those who could not pause
For only a brief moment,
To find reasoning of what is right
And what is wrong…
Leaving the blood of our youth
Upon those very sidewalks…
While we stand in our discomfiture
In search of just one single strand
Of forgiveness…

We stand together now,
Hand in hand…
As we have so many times before…
In the streets…
Marching through the avenues…
Aligning the side roads
The back roads
The alleyways
In search of the hope for peace…
Finding in return only the promise
Of more young women and men
To give their lives,
Their limbs,
Their sanity…
For causes that every one of us standing here knows
Cannot be solved with blood…

Yet, we will forever search…
We will forever unite our hands
Around this world in search of hope…
In search of one tiny glimmer of light
To shine upon a single moment of peace
For all who suffer
From the diluted and depraved ideals
Of those unable to find
Love within their own breath…
We will write upon our pages
With our hearts and with our souls
Within our contravention…
To those who can only see the
Death of their enemies as the road to peace…

We will paint upon our canvasses
All the colors of the rainbow
With our compassion for peace
Vacant within those who seek only war
To end persecution…

We will join our hands together
Amongst the words of the poet
And the masterpiece of the artist
With the audacity of hope that
War can be disburdened with peace
And hate absolved with love…



© 2015 All Rights Reserved…


14 thoughts on “Standing in Peace

  1. Michael I don’t think I have adequate words to tell you how much I loved this, but everyone needs to read your beautiful, evocative piece, feel the emotion of wanting peace and finding war and devastation…this was truly brilliant ❤
    xx Paris


  2. Audacity of hope. I think that what is most important as you travel and traverse this world you find pockets of love, peace, hope, joy, kindness, gentleness and faithfulness to rest your weary soul in it’s search to make sense of the senseless. I believe for that little respites that bring you peace though peace seems to evade with your eyes. When you see with your spirit I know you will find this rest. This is beautiful I could see this visual you painted on your lovely word canvas. Happy Friday to you kind man! シ

    Liked by 1 person

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