Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow

Tis far beyond my human comprehension
What shines the light upon the poet’s soul
Like the breeze that gently rolls across the hilltop
With daffodils reflecting in the snow

While strands of dreams translucent in reflection
Must wander through the brume within their minds
Like echoes left adrift within the canyons
Where shades of love and sadness intertwine

Reflections of their souls in love and sorrow
That linger on the parchment void of time
Like pages turned by passion in the moonlight
While love is never lost within the rhyme

Tis far beyond my human comprehension
What’s lost within the weary artist’s yawn
But if I am to fly beyond tomorrow
I’ll linger in the poet’s blush of dawn


Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved


17 thoughts on “Beyond Tomorrow

    • …and perhaps such wonderful comments brightens the light that shines upon a poet’s soul… Thank you so much Sue…
      Love and hugs to you…
      Your light shines brightly…


    • Good evening Audrey Dawn… Good to hear from you… Still wandering the mountains of Colorado and the plains of Nebraska? If you haven’t already… be sure to check out the pic on “Moon in the Dawn”… Although my not so brilliant photography didn’t do it justice… the moment definitely brought to mind the “Audacious Dawn” we discussed before… I do believe that you must have felt my presence in that moment… for I am most certain that I saw you there… lingering on the crimson side of the moon… Thanks for dropping by and have a most beautiful evening…

      Liked by 1 person

    • I am delighted by the smile. That blush that you are adorning is just the reflection of beautiful hues from the inner light… It goes wonderfully with the smile…
      Hope your day matches it perfectly…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “strands of dreams translucent in reflection” … wow
    Again, you thread words together like jewels on a fine silver thread. They carry meaning beyond their simple “definition”. The ‘where’ and ‘how’ they’re used paints such vivid scenes!


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