Moon in the Dawn

Moon at Dawn

Moon in the Dawn

To find the moon still on the rise
In crimson hues of dawn
Must bring along a miracle’s muse
Before the light has gone

I could not find the reasons why
My thoughts were lost in time
Yet, unafraid of words not penned
While nature paints the rhyme


Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved

24 thoughts on “Moon in the Dawn

    • Thank you Sue… You are such an enlightenment to my spirit. Every new dawn is beautifully inspiring to me… every one of them is different… every one of them bathes in its own special beauty… and every
      one of them means that I’ve been blessed to see another “New Dawn”…
      Hope all of yours are beautiful as well…


    • I listen intensely, should she offer me the melody of a single sparrow … I sense the feel of her, like the touch of young love… I see in her the beauty that others may not look deep enough within her to find…
      and she fills my soul with the beautiful light of being…
      Hope your evening is filled with all of these…

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  1. Moon was waiting for the sun
    To that, not always does it have to run
    I can stay and enjoy the dawn
    Just as you do Mr. Sun 🙂
    If not always then on certain nights
    we need the two for fun 🙂


  2. Wonderful photo. Michael. I have tried to take a photo of the moon and would be thrilled if I could get one to turn out this well. Your words, lyrical in their delivery, are beautiful. Oh, how I love a longing poem. We share a love for the dawn of a new day. I’m thankful to read of your musings here. You inspire me. Lovely and wonderfully penned. Thank you for sharing your heart. I was here, I remember this particular dawn well. Felt the whispering of encouragement. Thank you ♡ ~ Aud


  3. This poem appealed to me a lot – Maybe it’s got something to do with me being a Cancer-ian? You know, crabs in the moonlight and all. (I’m not talking about STD.)


    • You speak of Cancer-ians
      I know them oh, so well
      They dwell in love and moonlight
      And ‘feel’ with every cell

      Their passion flows with all their heart
      And love with deepened souls
      But often hide within our shells
      While fitting the parts to the whole…

      Just from one Cancer-ian to another…

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  4. HI HI HI I wanted to come by and read some before I went to sleep. I was thinking about you this morning when I captures the moon at dawn. When I opened the back door to let the dog out this is what I saw. I grabbed my camera and put on my boots and it was magical. There was a slight cooling over night so it was nice instead of muggy! I hope you like it! I hope you had a gentle day I hope you don’t mind me traveling close to you today! I trust you are well and safe and resting! Blessings to you Michael. I think of you often and it’s a nice thought! See you at dawn! I posted a song and the end of the second one I listened to it all day. Be still and know…I love that! Gentle good night hugs! 😀

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      • Thanks… I was thinking maybe no one noticed so I’m really glad you let me know that you liked it. I’m trying to learn (although I have no soft ware to work with) how to improve my pictures, by lingering in your beautiful photography, graphics, and illustrations. They are always so wonderfully inspiring…
        Thank you…


      • Good morning….I always notice everything I am 100% present when I visit that way I don’t miss what my heart needs to see. I will share with you all I know if you like! I like to play around with frames and layers. I fortunate that I have 2 camera and an iPhone that I’ve learned each camera’s strength. I offer all I know if you need anything I’m here I think when I’m in my gentle quiet place my spirit just flows and finds surprises within the software! I like to do this it relaxes me! Have a beautiful day! I thought you would like to know that you inspired me with this beautiful lavender with a tinge of blue! I am inspired by color….I also am blonde so I district easily and am drawn to shiny things! LOL That was a joke! Have a wonderful sweet day! I was thinking of you this morning! Hug to you! Micki


    • Good morning Micki… That photo of the moon at dawn is magnificent. It is now implanted into my mind and I can see it whenever I choose. I’m keeping that one for inspiration. You never need to ask if I mind you traveling close to me… because I always feel better when you are near. Hope you have a magnificently beautiful Friday, Micki…


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