To My Father

Father'sDay 1

To my father…

I read every card in the store
Finding nothing that fit you and me
Perhaps it’s because we’ve flown in the clouds
Or perhaps that we drifted at sea

I checked all the Father’s Day ads
For reflections of what you had taught
There was nothing I found with meaningful dreams
Nothing that could have been bought

We both wandered life while searching
For philosophies out of the norm
We’ve gathered a few of life’s gentle pleasures
And both nearly drowned in the storm

Now that we’re reaching for sunsets
Having dwelled briefly in dawn
Both of us wandering gently to gray
While sharing the pictures we’ve drawn

Time, it seems, is passing us by
With shades of indigo heather
While I thank you with this Father’s Day poem
For the time we spend together

A very happy “Dad’s Day”…


5 thoughts on “To My Father

  1. Awesome. Words that fit with the picture you chose so well. I envy your relationship with your father. In some ways I still grieve that my father and I didn’t have anything so warm and comfortable. That’s it. This poem makes me “warm and comfortable”. Thanks for the post!

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