To Ponder the Choice

Ponder the Choice

To Ponder the Choice

Awakening to the sound of thunder
Rain beating against the windows
As if in desperation
To paw my mirthless face…

Opening the blinds I could see the lightning
Stretching cross clouds of ebon
In fingers of fire
As if reaching for something
They could never touch…
Yet… I could feel them tasting
My hungry heart
Like the pain of the innocent soul
Searching through the Wheatfields of Vincent
Expecting forgiveness from the murder of crows…

The wind howling
Like ghosts of the asylum
Trapped within the walls
Of their own torment…
The willow bowing to the breath of God
To the east… then to the west
As if unsure from where fate
May call its name…

Still I wander in hope of peace
Throughout the world
And within my mind…
For the lives that are lost in the storm…
Of justice served for the innocent soul…
For the children who walk in the rain
Where pain lies hidden in boxes of clay
And beneath the depths of their slumber…

But the storm did not cease its fury…
The wind carried voices of reason
Far beyond the horizons of sanity…
Traces of life swirling in the vortex
Scattering the broken pieces
Across the hillsides and into the valleys
To the tallest peak of the mountain top
And beneath the surface of the sea…
While nary that of a single soul
Would travel a road leading nowhere
To pick up the shattered pieces of another

The storm’s path undulating
To the south and then to the north
Ingurgitating the memories of the innocent
As if winding its way to death itself
Amongst the amber grain…

Suddenly the quietude of surrender
Shadowed my soul
While celestial beings wandered
Forgotten roads into Eden
Calling my name
In the songs of sparrows

I could no longer linger in my indecision
Mortality fading in the tempest
Like the fog inhaled
By the dawn of morning’s light

Life had crawled so far
Beyond antipathy
While the gathering crowds
Of those above the shadows
I muse upon the passion
Of those who dwell in immortality…
As I turn to the east…
And then to the west…
My mind wandering in and out
Of reality’s truth…
For it is the choice of life in desperation
Or of death of physicality
That must be absolute…
For within that resolution…
Within this very moment…
I ponder.;.


Copyright © 2015


19 thoughts on “To Ponder the Choice

    • Thank you Marcus. Glad you dropped by and enjoyed the post. I’ve visited your site this afternoon and I am most intrigued with your writing. Hope to return soon and linger there for a while…
      Thanks again for brightening my day…


  1. Awakening to the sound of thunder
    Rain beating against the windows
    As if in desperation
    To paw my mirthless face…

    Now that might be one of the most soulful stanzas I’ve ever connected to, Michael. However, overall…..
    This poem of yours
    Creates a kinship
    Sparrows often explore
    Whether here or there
    But definitely upon my shores
    Find peace in knowing
    Your pondering is adored.

    You are always heard, my friend. xx Hugs

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    • One can only feel connected to those words
      If they have experienced it in their soul…
      Guess we know why you felt so connected…

      Kindred spirits, you and I
      Our mystic visions, eye to eye
      I’ve drifted near on sparrows wings
      We’ve shared their songs in lucid dreams
      They’ve come to you through special doors
      As sparrows dwell upon your shores
      Ne’er more beauty their poesy songs
      Then amidst the breath of Audacious Dawns

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    • Thank you so much Wendell for those inspiring words… Your comments always lift my spirit. You also do a magnificent job of bringing words and thoughts together in beautiful inspiration…


  2. Hi Michael this is my first time to visit you blog and I wanted to ask you why are you so sad? I notice in the poems I have read so far your heart seems heavy and I once knew someone who’s poems convey this sadness! I hope and wish for you happiness to lighten your heart! Have a gentle evening! 🎈


    • Good evening MichelleMarie… I am so very glad that you dropped by and took the time to leave your hopes and wishes to lighten my heart. Those words alone have brightened my spirits. I must confess that I do live with a heavy heart for many reasons… yet I have not lost my desire to offer a smile to another. My writing is of life… When time allows you to wander my pages, you will find that I write of all aspects of life, mostly from my own experiences and point of view, including love

      and of peace that lingers near to your own artistry “Peace and Serenity” on “Artists4Peace”

      I write of humor, abuse, addiction, and of the inner child…

      but perhaps the best explanation of why I write of sadness can be found in

      “Can it be that the sadness,
      Of which they write,
      The sorrow,
      The anguish of lost hope…
      Are all created because
      They love so completely
      In their passion for another?”

      Interaction with my readers is what I so enjoy the most about blogging on wordpress…
      And I thank you with all my heart for being a part of brightening my day and for
      Lightening my heart…
      Thank you for sharing ‘your’ light with us…

      “Life is like that…
      The dust and the dirt
      And the liquids that blends with the soul.
      We’re never really sure
      Of the rhymes and the reasons,
      While fitting the parts to the whole.”

      May your evening be filled with beautiful moments…

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      • Awe wow! This is beautiful what you shared! I think lightening the heart is important, even if there is darkness looming! Not like a Pollyanna but sharing real light like you just talked of!
        I’m listening to Somewhere over the rainbow, perfect song to think on!
        Today we got a not so good report from my daughter’s dr and I thought to myself well after years of believing and pressing through sometimes crawling….I’m not going to dwell on it but shower myself in love and light! I read my own blog at lunch!
        I love that you found me from A4P my friends Gigi & Melanie are so inspiring Gigi I call her Bling and she calls be Bling because we are sparkly, she said Bling you need to print off your art and photos and hang it on your walls! I never thought of that! I started blogging to work through my Pa’s death and also raising a sick kid and it evolved into inspiration and spreading love! I think it’s wonderful that you speak of love and light and sharing that! I never of course think sadness is a bad thing at all in fact I throw myself all into each emotion so I feel them and don’t numb or do something dumb!
        My Pa was a poet as I said and he was sad truly sad because he held all his emotions to himself and I never could tell outwardly if he was moved by anything but anger! But I think underneath from reading his writing he had this unfulfilled dream he gave up to raise a family! I so wish he had shared more! I do honor him and share a page of a few things but mostly I like to hold all those words till they do something on the inside of me! I’ll let cha know how that goes! I’m a work in progress!
        Now I’ll go read you links! I like to share in WP too but I’ve learned to keep my guard up and I never share anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face! Have a super evening!
        I’m happy your countenance is lifted and lightened! My countenance is always happy deep down! Whatever that means I trust you will know! 🎈🎈🙋🏼


    • I am saddened to hear of the ‘not so good report from your daughter’s dr’… I too, have received far too many of those… but like you, I continue to dwell within the light and love and busy my mind with writing, reading and lingering in beautiful photos that I find on blogs like yours. So far, that has been what has inspired my hope… I do hope that better reports will soon find their way to your eyes and ears and ease your mind…
      I have read what you have posted of your dad’s poetry… some beautiful words that so many will now be able to absorb since you chose to share them with us and we are grateful… He certainly loved his daughter… I feel certain that the more you indulge into his writing, there will be those words and verses, although perhaps very discreetly placed, that will shine a light upon his sadness.
      We must often read between the lines… to find the mind of the poet…
      Keep that ‘deep down’ countenance happy…


      • Oh I know it! I read some of your blog last night I am curious to know about you so I saw where you mentioned your heart. Here’s what I find interesting how our bodies get these attacks on the immune system and it’s so hard for it to fight sometimes. Then there is the genetic thing that comes into play where there is nothing one can do but move with the grace the eternal one supplies daily. I’m thankful for that always!
        Usually my girl and I ride into town together for work but she drove herself today and that gives me time to absorb and get energized for my day!
        I was thinking I’m like you I do glean wisdom, and encouragement from a lot of bloggers. I’m working with one on her book for healing the heart. Dealing with child abuse and such. She healed from anorexia. She asked me to design a cover for her and then it evolved into a book so now here I am reading and experiencing some miraculous healing of heart issues I didn’t even know I had. She chose to make her blog private or I would share her blog with you. Suffice to say I’m dealing with my stuff and then letting it go. Digging deeper and then holding it and letting it go. I love that part. I share that because I think you should do the same hold each piece of you that makes you precious and tender and then if you feel to let the hurt go and allow it to shift. I think you have probably already done a lot of this type thing but I’ amazed how different I feel and the pain is gone. I could go on and on but I don’t want to jabber on! I do love your photos and I love that you love layers like me. When I run into another artist like yourself I like to see how you layered things. Oh I saw that you had publishing on your header art. I will share that is the business I am in so that is why i chose WP to share. I’m blessed to work with some beautiful writers and editors and I wanted to say what got me is that you are right up there with their caliber of writing. If that makes sense because they write about oil, gas and stuff like that. I love your use of words. You will notice that I will zero in on a word you use because I think about them. I love words. I love the way you express yourself. I am going to spend more time on your blog today when I have a break! I’m slopping coffee now getting ready to gently go! ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

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    • Isn’t it wonderful to work with beautiful people. I hear so many complain about their jobs and the people they work with… it’s truly great to hear someone appreciate those around them every day. Be careful slopping that coffee or you might not go so gently…


      • How funny you should say that! Just this morning a good friend came to see me and she was complaining but talking in her usual way and I realized that I’ve healed a lot in that I see such a difference and was able to listen deeper and connect with what she was really saying instead of listening to her words. She kept saying OMG you are reading my mind and I said no I’m listening to your heart with mine! That was super cool! 😀 Ha

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