I'm Done



16 thoughts on “Burned

      • Oh wow I had no idea! That is so nice to know! I’m happy you made your presence known! I read the posts tonight while I walked at the gym! I enjoyed them! I hope you have a restful night and your sleep is sweet! 😄

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    • Touring the jungle without my pith helmet…
      Lost in the night where shining eyes
      Through shadowed branches
      Are the only light of forgiveness
      From the smother of uncertainty…

      Otherwise I’m okay…
      Thank you for shining the light my way…
      If you don’t see a post in a day or two… bring a search party…
      But wear your helmet…

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    • I have lingered in these words
      Imagining the light of shining eyes
      Far different from those
      Which have peered at me of late
      Filling the air surrounding me
      With smothering brume…
      Yet these eyes of my illusion
      Perhaps an apparition
      Offering hope
      Unforeseen on my horizon…
      Far too few have felt the comfort
      Of these words…
      “I, would climb through
      The darkest of branches
      To save you…”
      As my hand extends across the plains
      To reach for you…
      In hope that you too,
      Shall feel the warmth and comfort
      Of knowing that this understanding
      Is shared between the two…

      (Okay… confession time… after I wrote this…
      I did imagine those shining eyes…
      Smiling beneath a pith helmet…)

      Audaciously enlightening…

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    • Now we both know who ‘audaciously enlightening’ fits the best and it is not me… However… I must agree with you on how the pith helmet would look on you… (no wink)… it would be most interesting on your upside down gravatar…
      Hope your Sunday morning is most beautiful Audrey…

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  1. I love burnt toast. Why? Because what is one man’s trash is other’s golden goose. You take your life and make it what you want regardless what other people think…


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