Forbidden Fruit


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Forbidden Fruit

He wandered midst forbidden fruit
Where pleasures dwell in shadows
And no one finds his way past heaven’s gate…
Yet he smiled with no tomorrow
As if in the promised lands
But no one knew the truth of twisted fate…

He pandered to the weak of will
To satisfy their lust
And no one dared to break the braided chain…
No blood upon the shovels blade
He buried secret souls
But no one knows the depth of their remains

He dwelled beneath the pauper’s lair
Disguised in parson cloth
And no one cared enough to save the lamb…
Molding minds in mortal sin
Before the shepherds eyes
But humankind just did not give a damn…

He straggled into heaven’s gate
Then climbed aboard the craft
And no one even knew that he had passed…
Hoping there would be one soul
To care for what he lost
But there was not a soul that even asked…


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17 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit

    • Good morning and thank you so very much Crestfallen Leaf… I don’t get a lot of “incredible” comments so I am very honored by your kind words… I am very glad that you enjoyed it and took the time to let me know… Thanks for brightening my day…

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    • Thank you (old friend) Lily… Yes, I’m still writing… not so sure about the “gift” thing… I’ve been lingering on your site reading “old” posts… seems to be a lapse in time, perhaps a time warp of sorts… perhaps a crisis in identity… perhaps a disguise of unnatural proportions… now lingering in my wonder…
      Hope your evening is most beautiful…

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  1. HI Hi HI! Thank you for coming by my blog. I literally was on my way over here to see you!. Oh I knew I should have come here last night! I looked to see when you posted this! I never want to miss your poems! I thought about you off and on all weekend! I was so tired and worn out from my work week and today is the same. I’m still at work. I didn’t want to leave without checking on my friend KA. Oh my she popped into my head today while I was working and I stopped myself. See you popped into my head yesterday and I should have come then. I always want to do things when they come to me because maybe that person needs something I have to share.
    I hope you had a restful weekend! Oh my this morning I posted the prettiest sunrise it was so so hot that my camera lens kept fogging up! But it is a starburst and I wondered when I processed it this morning if you have ever seen one? I have maybe once or twice and I know there’s a way to get your camera to do them always but I don’t have time to figure it out so I’m thankful for this one. I actually headed out at dawn to take a photo for you, but it was so foggy that I couldn’t see a thing.
    Oh I love this poem. Guess what I’m been there?….I call it the lake of the forbidden. Oh yes I sure did and guess what it was fun, until it nearly swallowed me up whole. It was hard getting away from the passion that keeps one there in that state of stupidity! That stupidity part was for me! But I did it and I’m not sorry I did because I would have always wondered what would it be like! It’s called a trap because well you get caught! Takes forever to get lose and the worse part is you might always walk with a limb once you been to the Forbidden lake and tasted of that fruit! Yikes. I’m shaking my head just thinking of it! Now I’m smiling! I’m such a dork! It’s okay there’s plenty that will agree with you! 😀
    Now I’m stuck on the Secret Garden after I thought of that song for my friend. Oh you have to hear the very first song I heard from this that made me buy the entire thing. I love piano music. I used to play until I stopped so I listen to it when I work. I also like Adagio if you like this kind of music! I think it’s peaceful plus my brain doesn’t get off track singing to the lyrics! 😀


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