Hiding the Moon

Hiding the Moon

Hiding the Moon

When the muse is convulsed into darkness
And the moon hides its light neath the trees
The pen lies bloodless on parchment of time
With visions unable to breathe

When minds linger blind into darkness
And moonlight casts shadows on runes
Words keeping secrets between tempered lines
While the rhyme hides the man in the moon


Copyright © 2015


26 thoughts on “Hiding the Moon

  1. Hello Michael I hope you had a restful cool weekend and a wonderful Monday!
    I love your moon photo! And your musing about the moon hiding the man! I had this thought once what of the man in the moon was a woman! Probably not but it made me smile thinking about it! I love the moon and taking moon photos of it!
    This last weekend was my nephew Ezra’s 9th b-day we both have August birthdays so I brought him home with me! Today we went swimming and watched the Minion movie! It’s really a cute movie! He sure liked it! I posted a sunrise for you this morning! I woke up @3 and waited for it! I hope you are having a gentle evening! Warm, happy hugs those sound nice to me! 😄I was looking for a little hug emoji so this will have to go…cross your left arm in front and hold your right shoulder do the same with the left with the right and hold gently till you feel hugged! That’s the best I can do a visual! 😄silly I know but silly is good I think!


      • Oh my gosh do you realize that is my blog? Ha! Oh wait I just got it! Hey you know what you inspired this idea! Do you see it? There are two dropped embossed shadows. I saw your moon and thought oh wow I love that! So I have to give you 100% credit for inspiring this and I took this photo when I visited Gigi in Chicago @the Chicago Botanic Garden! 😀 You are funny Michael. I thought maybe you put the wrong link. Hey so tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to say it’s compliments like you just made about my blog that are presents to me! I’m not about birthdays except if they are for kids. I’m going to work 1/2 day and then do something I like to do but I really don’t know what that is. I never just do that! So I’m going to! It’s kind of stressful to me trying to think of what I like to do. So I’m just going to head for the art district in Tulsa. 😀 😛 You have a beautiful evening too Michael. Thanks for the smile and all that you do. Hugs right back at cha!

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      • Good Morning Micki… and…
        ***Happy Birthday***
        Hope you are having a most beautiful morning…
        I just now saw the sunset picture on your other comment.
        For some reason it waited a while to surprise and enlighten my vision.
        Magnificent photo… beautiful moment…
        Thank you so much for sending it to me.
        Whatever you decide to do this afternoon I do so hope that it is
        Filled with many beautiful moments… You deserve it…
        Enjoy your day and I’ll be sending birthday hugs and smiles your way…


      • OH yay! I was just thinking about you! I wanted to do something for you! When I saw that sun it just popped out and Ezra hollered over look Aunt Micki your sunset! Oh yes sweet boy it’s my kind of sunset. I thought if it is possible to feel like a color I feel like this color always! I don’t think there’s a name for this one but it’s perfectly perfect! Don’t you think? I don’t know what color the sun it when it’s burning in the sky, shutting it’s eyes as it say goodbye for another day! Yay!
        Guess what I went to the store and bought myself a chocolate cake and then I’m going to buy roses, orange ones. I have a florist by my house that keeps them for me. I love fresh cut flowers. So then I’m going to this little boardwalk place on the river and drink a glass of wine and think of all the beautiful heart friends I have which include you! I don’t know how God did it but you in there! I think of you when I see the sun! How beautiful is that. Also when I see the sky do something magical! I love our connection! It’s so gentle and sweet! So here’s a gentle hug. Big hugs and smiles back from the birthday chick Micki! 🙂


    • Thanks Micki… Glad you and Ezra had fun together. He’s very fortunate to have an aunt so very loving and generous with her time. I was lucky enough to have had an aunt that enjoyed spending time with me when I was young and those times still provide me with many happy memories…
      Warm, happy hugs to you, Micki…


      • Hello! I’ve been wondering about you and how you are feeling! I’ve been gone so much and not online so I haven’t checked on you as much! I trust you are at peace and resting! I thought of you when I was on my way back! I was thinking and wondering if it was possible to climb into a sunset! This would be the one for me! I could almost feel this color! I was thinking of you! Sending all my best thoughts and prayers for you! 😀

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      • OH gosh I really like that way you write. I can picture it in my mind! I think I told you about my Pa. Well he had this beautiful hunting cabin and he went there in his mind. I met him there and read him stories about bears and such! One day his nurse asked him Dan how are you today. He said I’m tired I’ve been scouting and hunting bears. LOL
        So the power of our minds is very powerful I know this!
        I think climbing into the sunset is a beautiful way to say it and crawling into the dawn is a perfect way to meet! In the clouds! Last night I took the most unusual photos of the whitest clouds at night! I love that moonlight’s yawn. I think I saw that last night! Let’ me put it here for you. I’ve never seen this before.


  2. “The pen lies bloodless on parchment of time”
    another perfect phrase in flawless flow. such nice work. Peaceful – restful – full of imagery- even without the picture.


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