The Lure of Moonlight

The Lure of the Moonlight 2

For my muse...white feather

The Lure of Moonlight

Poets often fade into the shadows
For rhyme cannot find breath beneath the pain
Hands too drawn to catch the lure of moonlight
Or even touch a single drop of rain
Yet poets eyes have seen the dawn in winter
When angel wings reflect on crimson snow
They’ve held the hands of longing neath the pine tree
And tasted love that others never know
But sometimes poets vanish in the darkness
When circumstances wander in the brume
With broken hearts and shards of tattered marrow
Sitting with themselves in empty rooms
Yet poets hands forever reach for rainbows
Even while they dwell on borrowed time
To touch the heart and soul of one bewildered
To help them find the beauty in their rhyme
But often poets hide behind the parchment
In words discreetly placed between the lines
Yet one may find them in a single feather
That falls upon the snow beneath the pines
When poets fade within the lure of moonlight
And evanescence steals their truth in rhyme
From angel wings they’ll drop a single feather
For lovers lured by moonlight lost in time

Michael33  white feather 1

Copyright © 2015


31 thoughts on “The Lure of Moonlight

    • Hi Annie… Glad you liked this one. In some ways it seems to go along rather well with some of the subject matter that you so beautifully write about. Thank you…
      Hope your day is most beautiful Annie…


    • Hi Tina… So good to hear from you. I’ve been a little behind on posting and responding to comments lately… I love that bravo… Don’t get too many of those… I’ll bet you just got the shiverzzzzz because of that snow beneath the pine….
      Hope your day is filled with wonderfully stimulating shiverzzz
      Cute new pic on that gravatar…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow wow wow Michael! Stunning presentation! I love all the black and the lavender is perfect with that black! I love love love this! I’m stuck on this right now I keep scrolling up to look again while I comment! Love those sweet feathers something about them are magical with the stars. This is dreamy! I had a feeling tonight that you might have posted! Sorry I missed you yesterday. I had a little down time and will continue to. I need some creative down time as well. I talked to my counselor today and he said girl you need creative down time as well! I was thinking about your mention of sitting in dark quiet rooms I do that too! I’m not sure if you do but I love the mention of it! I keep my house dark and cool with this heat it’s back! I’m jabbering I know but I missed you and am so happy to see you post and to know you are present! That’s a very good thing! I’ll have to show you my moon shots. This is a wonderful shot as well! I have an entire story about the moon to share maybe sometimes I will once I cut out all the jabbering! I like that I can come here and say how I feel without censoring my words. I appreciate that so much! I sort of feel safe and a little cloistered away with this dark background of your blog! I love the night…well I think I love every time of the day really except maybe 5 o’clock when it’s super hot! 😛 Your presence is always missed I want you to know! Okay I am headed out to look at the moon right now just in case I need to shoot a photo. You reminded me that I wanted to check it out tonight! Rest well and this quiet time is really good for your art. Wow! I’m so impressed! Really! Wow! 😀 I’ll stop now! 😀 night!


    • Hi Micki… Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your wonderful comments. I’ve been running on slow motion lately. Didn’t get much catching up done over the weekend like I had planned, Thanks for the lovely words on the pic. I found a great deal of enjoyment creating it. I do believe my muse was there with me helping me to make it just right. I tried it several different ways that were ‘alright’ but not exactly like I wanted it… and then all of sudden it just fell into place… I must have had some help.
      Hope your weekend was terrific and maybe you’ll find some wonderful enlightenment in your down time. Hope your having a great Monday…


      • Hi hi hi hi! Oh yay! I love seeing you on my little message thingy!
        You always make me smile with your sweet humble comments! I love it when things fall into place! Don’t worry about me I’m always here! I prayed for you this morning like so do every morning! I believe I see a lot of gifting a and talent in you! This is dreamy and wistful! I like that!
        I hope your week finds you with more strength to do all you feel you need to and also extra for all the things that make your spirit soar!
        Hope you have a glorious Tuesday now sweet friend!
        Micki 🌸🎈


    • Good morning Tina… Thank you so much for checking on me… I have had a rather long quiet unplanned period of silence… But I hope to be making some noise soon… You’re so sweet to wonder of my wanderings and I thank you… I’ll be dropping by to catch up on your posts today… Have a wonderful Sunday…

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      • I have to work today, got some folks who are counting on my printing up paychecks for them. Nice to know you’re still around. I’m not a daily blogger anymore either at this point. Just remember you are missed around here. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful. Visuals everywhere. This piece emotes well. (beginning to think all your work does …) I have a question for you – there are a couple places where I would expect to see an apostrophe used to show possessive – “Yet poets eyes have seen the dawn in winter” and “Yet poets hands forever reach for rainbows” … artistic reason for leaving them out? Personally I don’t think they would wound the artistry – but you are the master composer here, so I ask 🙂


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