Fading into Dawn

Fading into Dawn 3

Fading into Dawn
Part One

I have lingered in my darkness
In the light of wandering souls
Warmed by whispered voices
Yet, left out in the cold

My fire perhaps just candle light
A soft illusory glow
Tender shadows breathe to bare
My footprints in the snow

I looked into the eyes of fate
In the breaking of the dawn
While credence mauled my heart and soul
With lines already drawn

While hope had lingered in your breath
Though paled by setting suns
I wandered in my candle’s light
When logic came undone

I could not hear your gentle voice
Your whispers disappeared
Lost within my darkened brume
Reflections in my tears

I looked around at all my life
And took my final yawn
I passed along my candle’s flame
And faded into dawn


Fading into Dawn
Part Two

I traveled through the indigo
As a child of intuition
I saw the world in silver light
With perfect premonition

I drifted into crimson hues
With passion’s blazing fire
And saw all things that filled my soul
With ravenous desire

Then I saw the endless light
Radiant, white, and pure
I heard my voice ask “Who am I?”
But I could not be sure

I found my writing on the wall
My poems in ancient runes
Verse for lovers faint of touch
Embraced in secret rooms

An angel took me by the hand
To send me back to earth
Then read to me from ancient scrolls
And told me of my worth

But I could see forever there
Where sorrow’s none to bear
And no one wears a broken heart
Nor tattered soul’s despair

Why would I return to earth
And live without your touch
To feel the pain of love that’s lost
The sadness… far too much

I see the angel wings unfurl
And hues from heaven’s glow
Decisions far beyond my mind
Please touch me…
And I’ll know


Fading into Dawn
Part Three

There was only silence…
Time had frozen life as I had known…
I watched from above you
As you lingered in your quietude
Wondering if I were here……..
Or there
Longing for a sign…
Just a glimpse of my blue eyes…
Just a single hint of breath across my lips…
Waiting for something………
Waiting for anything………

Suddenly there were voices of angels
Drifting down the alley way…
Sounds most uncommon along these backstreets…
Void of any human forms
On their way to nowhere…
Except for one
Homeless and lonely woman…
Struggling to push her shopping basket
Full of treasures
Along the sidewalk of cracked cement…
Streetlights casting their eerie glows
In the ghostly mist…
The shadow of a man passes slowly
Through the lamplight
Fading… ever so softly into the silence…
In the ebon of the raven’s wings
In the hours…
Just before the dawn…



19 thoughts on “Fading into Dawn

    • Good morning Nathalie… Your kindness always brightens my day and I’m sure you know the feeling one gets when someone tells them that they have given them a ‘gorgeous moment’… No one has ever said that to me before… You are the very first… and I thank you with all my heart. It’s comments like yours that keeps me writing…
      Hope your day is most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

      • My dear Michael, you are so very welcome…I must tell you that even if nobody has ever said those words to you before, I’m quite sure they *thought and felt them* while reading your beautiful and inspiring poetry 🙂
        I hope you have a wonderful week, take care – Nathalie


    • Good morning Laine Anne… You have left me without words. How am I ever to respond to your comment. Trust me here… You have most definitely put a smile upon this face and I’m not sure it will ever fade… but oh… the thoughts you have provoked… Would it not be magnificent to be able to wander into a Rembrandt painting… You may have just inspired another poem… Thank you Laine… I am humbled and honored…
      Wishing you beautiful moments…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This is sad like a farewell and a glimpse from heaven it seems to me! Also the waiting…I am a waiter…I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever makes me wonder is there such thing as always waiting for something no when it got here would I recognize it as the answer to my waiting!! I like the rhythm and your rhymes fit perfectly! You are a beautiful writer! I’ve missed you! I hope you are okay! I’ve been working a lot so I’ve slowed down blogging but I’m still praying for you and thinking of you at dawn!
    One night last week I didn’t sleep wondered about you and if you have sleepless nights! Your writing seems sad to me tonight! I’m sad which is a surprise that I found a more heavy poem! It’s beautiful! I don’t know what to say! I have a friend that said once to me my arms reach out to hold us both! I loved it when she said that so I’ll say that to you! That’s how I feel right now no sense in saying otherwise! Wondering about you! micki

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Micki… You are so good to me. Yes, I enjoy writing of a glimpse from heaven. The other worlds so intrigue me. Thanks for missing me… It makes one feel better to know that they were missed. No, I don’t sleep well due to a variety of reasons. Usually awake more than asleep… I am usually up between 4 and 5, but I truly love that time of day. The stillness… the quiet… the softness of the air… and of course, I’m always there to greet the dawn. I’m glad you liked the poem… It was fun writing it and took me on a number of journeys to far away places. Some of my writing may truly be sad… but in this moment… I am not… Thank you for reaching out to me… You must know that it brightens my day…
      Have a beautiful evening Micki

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      • You know what? I love that me too if I’m sad I sad in that moment and it passes like the wind blowing! Then I’m happy again!
        I don’t sleep either! Well very little! Only 4 or 5 hours! Except tonight I’m tired! You are very inspiring to me I hope I’ve said that to you! I used to only shared my happy stuff and you helped me to see that it’s good to share it all!
        Sweet dreams my friend! I’m so happy to see you!
        micki! 😄😄


  2. Uncle Michael,
    One of your best. Seemingly a short story in verse. I love the journey that it takes the mind through. I can tell that you were truly inspired while writing this piece.
    With love,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lane… Good to hear from you. Yes, I was indeed inspired while writing this but then, I’m nearly always inspired… it just doesn’t always find its way onto the page. It was a little different for me to post a three part poem and the last being free verse while the first two rhyming. You might know I’d do something weird… Thanks for dropping by… Stop by anytime…
      Love you too,


    • So glad you stumbled by for a visit… Glad you enjoyed your stay… Just came from visiting your site and plan on spending some time there lingering in your words… Your comments have humbled me… Thank you…
      Stumble by again soon…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tina… So good to hear from you. Yes, that last part kind of brings reality back into the picture… The first two parts make you think that he probably will come back to earth… the last verse brings the sense that he did not… but life goes on without us…
      Glad you came by… Hope you’ve got everything under control in Memphis…
      Have a great evening, Tina.. and thanks for brightening my day…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderfully done and well done. In part one and two the cadences were perfect. So many times on wordpress I listen to beautiful poetry and one cadence fails. It is like a needle scratching the record. Part three summed up your three parts well. From beginning to end a story was told and a story it is. I tip my hat to you Micheal. Be well


  4. Just so beautiful!
    Your imagery, syntax, poetic instincts, are remarkable.
    I know this well because I can’t do any of this.
    It is also synchronistic.
    I am thinking about how soon I can post about ravens without bugging people, with another post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, Cindy… I am so honored by your comments. I just came from reading your ‘Nevermore’ post. Absolutely amazing. Your words and photos captured me completely. I don’t think you ever have to worry about bugging people with posts about ravens… Poets love the intriguing creatures… They can symbolize so many different emotions… I have more about ravens… maybe we should just keep the raven posts going… Poe would enjoy it…
      Hope your Friday is filled with intrigue…


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