Victim of the Storm

Victim of the Storm 5
All of us have had to face the storm
Perhaps from Mother Nature
Perhaps from within our own minds
Or perhaps… from loving so deeply…
This is for all who have faced the storm

Victim of the Storm
Today I saw a rainbow’s birth
In half-light of the dawn
Briefly blush its hues of grace
Ere breath of nature’s yawn
A raindrop gently touched my face
My eyes could taste the mirth
As if I wandered through the dreams
That linger in my berth
The storm blew in from psychic throes
As rainbows fade to gray
While sagely voices speak of truths
From neath the crimson clay
A raven came to muse my mind
While distant thunder rolled
And whispered words of prudence bare
To ‘nevermore’ be told
The tempest seized its vapored vaunt
And raged in mortal bloom
A vortex into heaven’s gate
Passed through the darkened brume
All truths of which were ever known
Poured through the souls in wait
Enlightening their marrow’s poise
For those who tempted fate
Then silence fell on huddled hearts
While love cast shadows bare
Swallowed tears from vagrant grace
Transposed the stoic stares
Today I saw a rainbow’s birth
In hues of setting suns
Briefly blush its hint of hope
That death was left undone
A drop of rain wept down my cheek
My lips could taste the mirth
As if I wandered midst the muse
That lingers in my berth


Copyright © 2015


37 thoughts on “Victim of the Storm

    • Thank you so much Rachel… I am so pleased that you enjoy reading my poetry because I so enjoy reading yours… I just came from reading “My Hair”… much more provocative than a storm… Oh… and I’m truly sorry about the……… ummmm……… ‘injury’…. Guess it’s a good time to watch for rainbows…
      Hope your evening is filled with healing…

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  1. storms are full of living, your thoughts weave a beautiful setting within hope
    Wonderful poem….you carry us with you, you know
    I love the thought of watching the birth of a rainbow…..
    I saw a quote I liked…you are promised a soft landing from life, not necessarily a smooth passage in life
    we would just exist not thrive if there were no storms…I think storms help us see tomorrow and not focus on the past
    (paraphrasing and it didn’t have an author)
    Take Care…You Matter…

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    • Maryrose… Your beautiful comments always humble me so. I love storms of the mother nature kind as long as they don’t hurt people or property. The storms within our minds or because of love… not so fond of those… but watching the birth of a rainbow can certainly soothe the soul.
      Hope your evening is filled with rainbows…

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      • I would wish for a rain storm and the rainbow afterwards 🙂 it is so dry here again and the trees are weeping their leaves off with no Fall color….Thank you for your kind words…I needed them this morning
        Take Care…You Matter…


  2. How are you doing Michael? Again I am intrigued by the depth of this poem. The storm is definitely very menacing and if I look at your imagery such as “vapoured vaunt” and “darkened brume” – there is strong emotion here. As I think I’ve said before – you see into the heart of things. A thought provoking and skillfully written poem.I have to always remind myself that your day is my night 🙂 Thank you for this poem Michael. Best. Chevvy

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    • Hi Chevvy… You know of course, that most who read poetry look beyond phrases such as “vapored vaunt” and “darkened brume” and think that they are just clever word usage. It takes a like minded poet to delve into the depth of their true meaning and to realize the intensity of the emotions being felt by one who has penned such words… and in this moment… I have no other words to say except… Thank you for looking beyond the poetry and finding the poet…
      Hope your evening… umm… late night… umm… wee hours of the morning… are most beautiful…

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      • Hi Michael – yes, it’s very late here and it’s been a long day. I had to deliver my real “swan song” which has also been emotionally draining. Yes, I do read your poetry carefully – I think that’s the respect a true poet deserves and I know that words are not wasted . Even a poem like this which deals with sobering issues is written with beautiful care of your craft. I must say goodnight now my friend. You have a good day further. Best Chevvy

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  3. I love hints of hope and I love this! Wow! First let me say I love this image beautiful photo and what a beautiful opportunity for a photo. I love it when storms sneak up and show up like this! I love ever single word you wrote here! I’m always amazed how you use words that make me think a lot! I had to come over here and see what you were up to! I had a feeling maybe you wrote something! This is beautiful Michael just like you! Have a beautiful day! I’m waiting in the blush of dawn! I’m going to say that if someone asks me where I’ve been! I learned that from you! Sending warm hugs! Micki

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    • Wow, Micki… “hints of hope” sounds like a good title for another poem. Thank you so much… I’m so glad you liked this. I like writing words that make you think. I also like how everyone seems to interpret the meaning a little bit different. It make it so much more fun.
      Maybe your sweet dreams will bring the birth of a rainbow…

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      • Hey you! I love seeing you twice in one day! I feel lucky! Yes I love hints of hope you said that so I think that is a good idea! You should write about that! I made this little encouragement for Alex yesterday it has hope in the photo! I will have sweet dreams and you too with sparkles but not too bright so you sleep well! Wait I was talking about me but okay I’ll send them your way too! Haha! Night! Micki


  4. First, as always your poem is a lovely breath that stirs my thoughts and feelings. I think I may return to one of my earliest memories and write a poem about it. Thank you for your inspiration.
    Second, I’m responding to your comments on my blog, Michael, and they are much appreciated. WP thinks because my blog is private the responses are going to your spam. If you go to comments and find me in spam, please unspam me lol! It may help to fix the problem.

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    • Thank you Laine… I’m honored to have inspired an early memory that you want to write about. I love those early memory poems… I’ve written several myself and they always seem to stir a great number of emotions from both ends of the spectrum…

      As far as your comments are concerned, I seem to be receiving them at this point in the normal manner, but I will check the spam from time to time to make sure that they continue.

      Thank you Laine and have a beautiful evening.


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  5. So, so beautiful. I am going to fall asleep with those gorgeous words playing in my head…thank you Michael for the potential/probable sweet dreams…sweet because I have faced the storm and come out on the other sunny side of it. Have a lovely evening – Nathalie

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    • Thank you Nathalie… I thought that you might be able to intimately relate to this poem. I am honored and humbled that you are intentionally going to fall asleep with those words playing in your head. No one has ever said that to me before… So… I shall wish you the “sweetest” of dreams…
      Goodnight Nathalie…

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  6. Michael this is an amazing poem.. and one which will resonate with many who have gone through life’s storms…
    I know many have gone through more turmoil than my own storms.. But each storm no matter what befalls us is our own and is no less turbulent than a mighty tempest..

    I wish you nothing but ‘Rainbows’ for Michael it is only after such storms we see the beauty of them..

    Love and Light in all you do
    Sue xxx


    • Good morning Sue. Well… you certainly know how to brighten up someone’s morning. My solemn face this morning just changed into a smile that I’m sure I will be sharing with many others throughout the day. So your love and light will definitely be passed along to others. Thank you. My coffee even tastes better now.

      All of our storms provide us with difficult challenges and yet, we learn so very much from every one of them. They, along with all our brighter moments…. come together and make us the person we are in this moment… awaiting the next beautiful moment in life to watch the birth of a rainbow.
      Thank you for always sharing your love and light with me…
      Wishing the same for you…

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  8. Came back to read again. I needed this today. To remember there can be rainbows after a storm. Even when the storm tears at your foundation, loosening all that you thought was secure.

    i hate nightmares.

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