“Behind My Hands”

Behind My Hands

Behind My Hands

I hide my face behind my hands
But cannot hide the pain
Broken hearts and saddened souls
Pass through my hardened veins…

The splattered paint upon the wall
Just covers up the grime
Yet mortal stains seep neath the feign
While whispers spoil the rhyme…

Graffiti blushed the fettered scars
But wounds are set in stone
And words that crawl beneath the rouge
Can shatter brittle bones…

My eyes have faded into gray
From verses never penned
While lines upon my weathered face
Can’t hide what they portend…

Though one may say my ardent soul
Has never tinged the veil
I’ve wandered cross Celestial seas
Where sailors never sailed

While shadows wash across my fate
In lines already drawn
I’ll scribe upon a parchment bare
In moonlight fore the dawn…

If I should stand before you now
With words my only plea
You’ll find my soul between the lines
Of Michael thirty-three…

I hide my face behind my hands………
The paint fades into gray………………
I stand alone in fields of rhyme………..
With nothing left to say……………….


© 2015


29 thoughts on ““Behind My Hands”

    • Janetcate… Your wonderful comment here is exactly the reason I continue to write… and I thank you so very much for taking the time to keep me inspired.
      Hope your evening is filled with beautiful moments.


  1. I really don’t know what to say except it is beautifully melancholic. It reminds me of a poem I wrote not to long ago however the contents of my poem would not apply only the title which is, “When voices inside scream.” I can relate to this poem at times especially the safety of, “I hide my face behind my hands.” Stay beautiful. Be well my friend.

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    • Thank you so much Joseph. I think there are many times that most of us would like to just hind behind our hands… or perhaps in the closet… Thank you for your wonderful comment and keep the spirit well…

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  2. Showing what’s behind the hands
    Takes courage raw and rare
    And viewing such a vibrant scene
    Fills my soul with care

    It is not mine to understand
    All that you have said
    But I will admit my heart is moved
    By all that I have read
    My place is just to listen close

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    • Thank you Marcus… That is so beautiful. Not often do I receive poetry in my comments section and I love it when I do. This one especially… is perfect. Hope you are having at least ‘some’ beautiful moments throughout your day…


    • Thank you Micki. Sometimes… even when we “know” we are not alone… we can still get that feeling of aloneness… My experimenting with photos has been fun lately… I think I am learning from your beautiful posts. Hope things are improving in your world…


      • Hi oh wow I love that you are inspired. You have some serious skills. I think. It’s fun to do. I just sit around and play with photos a lot! It lets your mind drift and dream! I’m sitting beside my girl watching her sleep so I’m happy for that!
        Yes you are right I have this feeling a lot. Aloneness I’m okay with it though I kind of like it. Makes the times when I don’t feel that way even sweeter and I savor those moments for later! Maybe!
        I like your experiments! 😄Micki


    • Chevvy… I am honored beyond words. I had been wandering your site before you left this comment, reading and catching up on all the wonderful things I had gotten behind on… When I read your latest post… It made me pause and I let it wander around in my mind for a while. I wanted to think about it before I commented. I realized then that it matched so beautifully with my post… almost like a response from the universe that all is not lost and hope is always with us… even when we attempt to hide from the world. It is so beautiful of you to write it and I am so very humbled and honored…
      Thank you…
      For those who may read this comment with a curious mind… please visit…


      Thank you again Chevvy… Your light is shining brightly…


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    • Thank you Kimberly. I was most pleased by finding your site as well. I hope to linger there often. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I love the interaction…
      Hope your Thursday is most beautiful…


  3. Wow… excellent Michael..love the imagery of the Graffiti and paint spatters.. I have some white spirit my friend 😉 if ever you should need some 😉

    Love and Blessings Michael, thank you for sharing a piece of you..


  4. Very moving, and indeed a precious piece of you dear Michael. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, you have a lovely mind and a lovely soul (your words tell me so)
    Wishing you a wonderful evening – Nathalie


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