Beyond the Moon


Beyond the Moon…

I passed right through your latent soul
Without my skin and bones…
You thought it just
A chill from morning’s breeze…
You turned to hear
The distant voice
When whispers called your name
Yet you never broke your stride
In contemplation…
Your open eyes look straight ahead
Your ‘vision’ stands in blindness
For your soul has never felt
The light of dawn…
With leaves of fall beneath your feet
You never smell the changing…
Or touch the hues of life
Between the veins…
But when you wander softly
While the dew is on the rose
It seems your soul can fly
Beyond the moon…

I passed right through your fallow soul
Without my skin and bones
You gasped as if
You’d seen an apparition…
Pausing neath the shadowed moon
The silence spoke like thunder
While grains of time stood still
Before your eyes…
Yet never have you touched the sand
Inside the crystal glass
Nor heard the rhyme
In mystic conversations…
But when you wander softly
Through the twilight’s scarlet hues
It seems your soul can fly
Beyond the moon…

I passed right through your mindful soul
Without my skin and bones
You smiled as if
You recognized the light…
Pausing midst the willow’s bend
You tasted mortal passion
And climbed upon the clouds
Beyond your dreams…
Yet never had your wisdom soared
From whence you did not know
Nor tasted love
Beyond your comprehension…
But when your soul passed right through mine
Without your skin and bones…
Our braided chain
Flew far beyond the moon…


Copyright © 2015



23 thoughts on “Beyond the Moon

    • Hi Chevvy… Thank you so much. I knew that you would follow through the progression of a soul finding enlightenment. I am doing alright… Every day is a new dawn which I am very grateful to be able to experience. This evening I am sitting with my laptop and a delicious cup of coffee enjoying catching up on all that I have missed over the past few weeks. So glad that you dropped by and left such encouraging words… Thank you…
      Hope your tomorrow is filled with beauty and enlightenment…

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      • Hi Michael, it is such a pleasure to discover that you have spent sometime in my studio, I value your appreciation of my work since I hold you in great esteem as an artist. I guess over time you’ll note evolutions in my work as I journey into my own self discovery as a soul an artist. Ha! Ha! – I love the way you pick up on the imagery here:-) It’s lovely to have you back and hope you smile when you read my message. Best. Chevvy

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    • Thank you Laine… This one just seemed to bring it all together in the last verse all by itself… or perhaps with a little help from poets passed. Glad you liked it.
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend and thank you for dropping by…

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  1. You passed right through my wakened soul
    Sharp intake of breath
    Aroma of spring heather
    Shivery sprig run down my back
    Rich taste of wine
    Two souls entwined
    Gentle warmth brush past the stars
    Star lights ~ your eyes
    They capture mine
    So far beyond the moon

    Mornin’ my friend… I couldn’t help playing just a bit… 🙂

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    • I love it when that happens. I’m always hesitant to respond to someone’s writing with poetic verse that pops into my mind after reading theirs… yet I love it so very much when someone feels comfortable enough to leave such thoughts for me in their comments. Thank you, Tina. I’m very glad that your “awakened soul” drops by to inspire and enlighten me. Now… if you could just inspire me to start getting rid of things like you are doing… I might just find ‘myself’…
      Hope you see the sunshine soon in Memphis…

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    • Thank you so much Sue. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. My weekend has been very quiet and pleasant. The moon has been casting its light upon the far side of the clouds that have covered me for several days… but that hasn’t prevented me from feeling the presence of the ‘visitors’… I did become somewhat breathless however, when I read your post “In Love and Gratitude” and watched the “Gratitude” video. Absolutely beautiful… Thank you…
      Since you are most likely traveling through the mist of your dreams at this hour… I’ll wish you pleasant journeys…

      For anyone interested in reading “In Love and Gratitude” and enjoying the extremely enlightening video… You can find it at

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      • Bless you Michael, I am pleased your weekend was a peaceful one, and how lovely to awake to log in and find you beautiful comment.. 🙂 Sending love and Gratitude over the ocean 🙂 for maybe it is now you who are in the land of Dreams 🙂

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  2. Oh wow I was thinking this is what it must feel like to soul and move from place to place without your body! I love the braided part! You painted a beautiful words visual here and I love this! I have more to share but I’ll hold my comments till later! Stunning art Michael! I’m so happy I saw this on the day you posted it! Smiling! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good evening Micki… So glad that it brought a smile to your face. You know of course, that comments like this are exactly what keeps me writing and inspires my mind. Thank you. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your later comments…
      Hope your Sunday evening is most beautiful…

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      • I did send you something! 😄I have my phone and it sends me a notice when someone comments and I love to see Michael33.😄I like reading your poems and enjoying your art! I’m watching Hallmark and visiting you. 😄


  3. Be still, my beating heart – your words have a way to make my heart skip a beat or two dear Michael. This is, as usual, beautiful and a reminder (to me anyway) of what a *real* poet actually is.
    Hope you have a wonderful week – Nathalie

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    • Well, Nathalie… You have certainly done it now… Your words have not only brightened my day… they have enlightened my entire being. You are just what my spirit was needing to encourage its wandering, in search of beautiful moments. Thank you for bringing me one of those beautiful moments…
      I hope your week is beautiful as well and thank you for making my heart smile…


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