Drops of Transcendence

Drops of Transcendence

Drops of Transcendence

I wandered far from familiarity…
Lost within a prism of radiance
From moonlight’s reflection upon marbled stones…
Where etchings of runes
                    Cast shadows of those no longer mortal…

Leaves of the white oak
Gathered in silent reverence
Of what once had touched their deepest veins…
When footsteps rustled
                    While children laughed in evening’s shade

A gentle breeze brushed cross my face
Caressing the softness of your voice
With words so perfectly rhymed for love still living
As if poetic verse
Had somehow fallen from your heart
                    In mystical drops of transcendence

I wandered to the edge of understanding
Bathed in the delicate fragrance
Of your translucent apparition…
Embers immortal
While the songs of sparrows
                    Touched the breath of dawn

I ascended from my humanness
Finding all that is beautiful
In a world where only love can breathe
Abiding tranquility
Where stillness of heart
                    Wanders in the dreams of forever


Copyright © 2015


23 thoughts on “Drops of Transcendence

    • Hi Tina… How are things east of the Mississippi? I’m actually having a little bit of difficulty breathing lately… so I’m taking more deep breaths than usual… Maybe the extra oxygen will stimulate my brain a little better. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and thank you so much for staying near…

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      • We are in Chicago at the moment celebrating daughters 18th. I’m sorry you’re struggling with breathing. (Hugs)


    • Thank you Swetna… I’ve been lingering awhile on your site this evening and enjoying myself very much. I particularly enjoyed the posts on reincarnation. I really enjoy those thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us and thanks for dropping by.
      Hope your weekend is most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Michael! I am glad you find the blog interesting 🙂 You’ve got yourself an beautiful blog too, amazing work 🙂 Have a great weekend! Glad to have connected!


    • Hi Chevvy… You seem to always understand my wandering mind and it always pleases me greatly when there is someone that reads between the lines so well… Thank you for looking so deeply into my words.
      I hope you are having a most beautiful weekend…
      Thanks for brightening my day…

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      • I love reading your work Michael and I especially try to read between the lines because therein lies the greatest treasure. It is wonderful when the poet transports you with him on his journey through clever imagery. I’m on a holiday break aiming to recharge my batteries and hope to see you on my pages in the new year. In the meanwhile, I wish you happy holidays and great blessings in the new year. Best. Chevvy


  1. AWE I see your 33 Michael. Wow that stopped me. The blue in your art is stunning and made me still. I can feel your words and I love how they flow from your heart so beautifully! This feels like hallowed ground to me! Sacredly beautiful!

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    • Thank you Michelle. I thought that the 33… although somewhat obvious… might be difficult to find due to the blending hues of blue. It always makes me smile that you take the time to find it in each post. There are many that haven’t realized that I put a 33 in each pic… You know of course, that I am always very humbled by your comments and honored that you can feel my words. Those are the very reasons I continue to write. Thank you…
      I hope your Saturday evening is most beautiful Micki…

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      • Wow I was so happy to see a comment from you! I’m constructing an email now! Omg sorry I write so much! BUT your art is like a search and find the 33. I will always find it. Even if I read it in the morning it will stick with me all day! When I get home I search for it! I like a mystery! 😀
        I hope and wish the same for you!


    • Thank you Tosha Michelle for such a wonderful comment. That’s exactly what we writers hope to accomplish… painting pictures with our words. I’ve been lingering on your site, enjoying your own beautiful words. I was particularly touched by your “Answering in Lyrical Sighs”… Loved it. Of course… every time I visit I have to listen to your beautiful voice as well… Thank you so very much for sharing it with us…

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