When It All Goes Wrong


Whenitallgoeswrong 3


When It All Goes Wrong
Perhaps it was I who strayed from the course
Or maybe consulted a misguided source
I mixed up my potion a little too strong
What else can you do when it all goes wrong
The reports arrived in bold black and white
An omen in crystal with darkness of night
Singing an ode with an out of tune song
What else can you do when it all goes wrong
What does one do with such heartbreaking news
Should you start smoking weed or turn to the booze
Or should you just face it determined and strong
Whenever you find that your world’s gone wrong
Perhaps it is I who longs for the place
Where life’s simple pleasures come all wrapped in lace
To forget about time when the day is too long
What else can you do when it all goes wrong
The reports arrived in fluorescent hues
Perhaps it’s all there in the choices we choose
When white ravens rise, you just ride along
What else can you do when things are all wrong
Perhaps it is I who bides in a dream
Where all is not nearly as bad as it seems
Sweet Irish Cream, hot coffee… a song
What else can you do when it all goes wrong


Copyright © 2015



22 thoughts on “When It All Goes Wrong

  1. Beautiful, my friend.
    The flow, the rhythm of this piece is flawless. The message strong. And the last two lines perfection in artistry.
    “When white ravens rise, you just ride along”
    Pure artistry. I am honored you shared this with us.
    Thank you.

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    • …and I am honored by your wonderful comment, Marcus. Thank you so very much. I knew that this one would resonate within you… You’ve had the ‘white ravens rise’ on numerous occasions. Thanks for honoring me by sharing it with your readers…

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    • Isn’t that the truth? Everyone has been in some situation where it seems ‘it all goes wrong’ and our minds just seem to wander… searching for something that seems ‘right’… Then… we realize that it’s right before our eyes. Yes… Laine Anne… I am most definitely keeping my angels busy. Luckily I’ve been gifted with angels who enjoy challenges. Thank you for your continued encouragement, inspiration, and light that you shine upon me… even through my inconsistent posting.
      Hope your holidays are most beautiful

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  2. Hi. When the report is not good I always retreat to my safe place and rest. I have a few friends that hold me up be it in prayer or in holding hands. I’ve recently, as you know had this type of news with my girl so it’s hard to digest it all. I was thinking how you will do what you have always done face it bravely, but I also think a bit of grieving comes along with that. It is in the valley that we grow. I love your 33 art! Rich colors! I believe in you! Sending warm ☕ hugs to you. 🙂 ღ

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    • I’m glad you have a safe place… however… I’m not so sure about you resting. It seems to me that you are continuously extending your hand to another who is in search of the light. I know… because you have brightened my day more often than I could count… and I thank you so very much, Micki.

      My bravery often wobbles into discombobulation… but I pretend to hold it together well… sometimes to my own detriment. That’s when I write poetry like this one.

      I’m very honored that you like my 33 art. Coming from one as talented in so many artistic ways as you are is truly an honor.

      I feel the warm hugs… So often… just what I need.

      Hope your Tuesday has been most beautiful…



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  3. I love this. Just the right words set to cadence. Might be a good song. At any rate, of course we know if all were as wonderful as we imagine it ‘could’ be, we would set ourselves a new standard for misery and joy. It’s just the human condition – or the condition of Planet Earth (contrasts, adversity, polarities). Blessings, Michael.

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    • Good evening Bela. This was one of those that pretty much wrote itself. However… I might just have to tinker with your idea of a song. My guitar needs a good dusting anyway. As far as the human condition goes… I seem to have a need to reverse my polarities…
      Thank you for the blessings, Bela… They are so very welcome and appreciated…
      Hope your evening is most beautiful…


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