The Eve of Love

The Eve of Love 3


The Eve of Love

When Christmas Eve had fallen down
And snow fell neath the bridge
Whispered words of new born kings
In echoes yon the ridge

Faces turned the other way
To pilgrims void of proof
While doors were closed and candles dimmed
For vagabonds of truth

Perhaps this story’s told with hope
Perhaps it’s merely fable
But candles glowed and starlight gleamed
Around that tiny stable

Twas the night before the birth
With snow upon the fir
While kings made way to bring the child
Their incense, gold and myrrh

It matters not what faith you bear
Like songs of Mourning Doves
If light we find in stories told
Can breathe the breath of love

When Christmas Eve had fallen down
And dawn turned snow cerise
Whispered words with love’s embrace
Bring hope for mortal peace


Copyright 2015



11 thoughts on “The Eve of Love

  1. Merry Christmas, dear friend.
    This is phenomenal. Make me misty-eyed which is not the “normal” for me. Maybe it should be – but whatever, I fully enjoyed this read. Your heart touches souls, Mike – I hope you get ripples back of the incredible feel of that touch.


  2. Wow what a beautiful poem. They are always beautiful of course and this one felt light to me and dreamy! I love it and your stars are stunning along with your moon! Merry Christmas to you! Let hope rise up like a hug from heaven! 😀


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