In Bare Feet

In Bare Feet 1

Painting by Betty Bell Sanders

Combining free verse and rhyme… I hope you enjoy my first poem of 2016….

In Bare Feet

I walked in footprints placed before me
In bare feet…
Wandering pathways of innocence
Like time forgotten…
When love lost had not found its way into my heart
Where shadows walking neath my breath
Did not hide from morning’s light…

Not far beyond the crimson glow
Footprints fade in winter’s snow
Hollow logs with talking crows
Descanting verse…     from rhymes I chose

I followed footprints in the sand
In bare feet…
Wandering depths, far beyond the horizon
Into worlds without time
When love was all that mattered to the lonely soul
Where shadows through the curtain lace
Could not veil the lantern’s flame

Not long before the twilight’s gleam
Footprints fade in lucid dreams
Willows weep… neath ravens’ wings
Foretelling fate…     or so it seems

My bare feet now… leave prints unbound
Along the roads untraveled
Wandering in hues of peculiarity
While sand sifts softly through the hour glass
And love will only bide until forever
Where shadows dance with gentle rain
Blending as one, with evening shade

Not far beyond the break of dawn
Footprints fade in morning’s yawn
Whispered truths in sparrows songs
Keeps bare feet warm…     where they belong


Namasté ♥

Copyright © 2016


28 thoughts on “In Bare Feet

    • Thank you Phoebe… I had the opportunity to spend a while on your site this afternoon and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I’ll be back again soon… I have so much to explore there and exploring is one of my very favorite things to do…
      Hope your evening is beautiful and your 2016 is amazing…

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    • Hi Tosha… Thank you so much. I read your latest post a while ago and I wanted to leave a comment… but at the time of my visit you had “33” comments and I can’t seem to make myself alter a “33”… so… I’ll tell you here… Your post “Upon Hearing of Your Passing” is magnificently beautiful and of course every time I visit I have to listen to your music… always a wonderful experience…
      Hope your 2016 is bringing you beautiful moments…

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    • Thank you Laine Anne… Namaste to you as well… What a wonderful comment you have left to brighten my spirit. I very much appreciate your new year wishes and hope that your 2016 is beautiful as well…

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  1. I love the rhythm in this poem and the bare feet part! I also love the painting it’s so lovely and wispy! Perfect actually! I sense an upbeat in your poem and I’m hopeful with that sense of turning. I’m so happy to see you posting again! It makes my heart feel good! I hope you had a wonderful Jan. 1 and this starts off a year of strength and wellness for you! That’s my prayer for you! Blessings on your new year Michael! 😀

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    • The painting hangs on my wall and I have journeyed along that road a thousand times… You’d love the wildflowers that linger just beyond the hill… wonderful for bare feet… Thank you for your prayers and your blessings… they fill my heart with hope…
      See you in the dawn… perhaps barefoot in the wildflowers…

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      • Hi I was just thinking about you. I like the way you can get lost in a painting. My Pa did that often and when I asked where he was he would point. I knew because I went there where his favorite painting was painted and stood on the spot where the artist painted it and I saw things through his eyes his cabin on the woods was surrounded by a small pond with giant oaks and weeping willows lined the water. You know the sound their leaves make in the breeze? Well my Pa loved that sound he said.
        So barefoot through Wildflowers I can say I have been there and done that and I do at dawn. See ya there. Sweet dreams Michael I hope you sleep is sweet!


  2. Beautiful Michael..
    I particularly enjoyed this verse..
    ” While sand sifts softly through the hour glass And love will only bide until forever Where shadows dance with gentle rain Blending as one, with evening shade”

    Love is the key that always binds.. no matter what terrain we walk over..

    Loved your first poem of the Year Michael.. Wishing you and yours a very Happy 2016 and beyond.. May your foot-‘prints’ always be felt upon the soft earth as you connect and bind your love through your ‘Printed’ Words..
    Love and Blessings..
    Sue ❤

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    • Oh, Sue… You are always so very kind to me with your beautiful comments. You have brightened my spirits more times than I can count and inspired me in moments when I wasn’t sure that I could write any thing else. My favorite line, I think, is “And love will only bide until forever”… I know it’s worded oddly… but we both know that I enjoy wording things oddly…
      Love and blessings to you as well and thank you with all my heart for the enlightenment you share in my comments and in your beautiful posts…
      Namaste Sue

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  3. Michael, may I just take this moment. You have touched me mate really. Just to let you know how much your comments have meant to me. You are selfless in your comments, and encourage me greatly. Your awesome and I just am so grateful to you for input. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Fonz

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    • Okay… you have left me at a loss for words, Fonz…. I am humbled by your comment… lost in humility… I knew from the moment I began reading your story that we have faced many similar situations in illness as well as life experiences. Your writing… your comments… your compassion help to let me know that I am not alone in my vision of hope. I’m honored to have the opportunity to join you in your journey and to have you along with me in mine. The experiences and knowledge you share with us helps me to have a better understanding of my own encounters and challenges… and I thank you for your courage.

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      • Hi Michael, my friend. (I hope that’s ok to think we could be at the start of a friendship) are you on face book? If so it would be great to see you there. Your writing for me just connects with me also on so many levels. Some people are meant to be in each other’s lives. Even to be in each other’s lives to make each other stronger. You without doubt do that for me, your an encouragement and that makes me more determined than ever to carry on. Your one of life’s inspirational people Michael. Thanks again for giving me strength.



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