Vision of Hope 33

Vision of Hope 33


To my readers, my followers and the occasional drifter who clicks their way here by mistake…

I want to let you all know that I have launched a second wordpress site.  This site is not for those in search of poetry, although poetic verse may occasionally find its way there.  I documented some of the treatments from my previous bout with a certain annoying illness, on a different site… and found that there were those who gathered to gain knowledge about the procedures… the side effects… the emotional and physical reactions that occurred in relation to the treatments.

This illness has found new light in a different area and will have to be treated in a very precise manner in order to deal with my un-normal circumstances and to attempt to minimize any additional harm.  I have decided to again document my experiences along the way, good, bad and ugly… for those who might find what I am having to endure interesting. Perhaps they can relate to some of my posts with something that they themselves have experienced in the past or are currently experiencing.  I have also discovered that there are those who have totally different physical or mental un-normalness, but find some sort of commonality with my experiences in relation to their own trials and tribulations.  There are even those that just ‘want’ to know.   If you so desire… if you are interested in such an experience… please visit my new page…

“The Vision of Hope 33”

There is a direct link on the sidebar for easy access.

If you do not want to know… if you do not want any of that sort of information to interfere with your pursuit of poetry… please do not feel obliged to visit the new site.  I hope that all of you will continue to enjoy my writing on this page and continue to enlighten me and brighten my each and every day with your “likes” and your most welcome comments.  I am always honored by your visits and humbled by your comments and I thank you with all my heart.

I hope a few of you will follow along with me, to discover just how radiation therapy and dealing with cancer affects the individual physically. mentally and emotionally…  I know that there are many of you suffering with many different illnesses, physical, mental and emotional pain… abuse… and even worse encounters that we must find ways to endure through our human experience.  I hope that this new site will help you to know that you are not alone in your suffering… in your trials and tribulations… in your search for hope.

A very Happy New Year



11 thoughts on “Vision of Hope 33

    • Thanks Tina. More of Michael is not always a good thing… but at least I know that you’ll be near by when it happens… Thank you for continuing to inspire me for so long now… Thanks for joining me in the journey…

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    • Thank you Micki… I could actually use some wild horses right now… it would certainly occupy my mind. I love the curious ones… Hopefully we’ll gain a lot of positive knowledge through the journey. I knew you’d be here for me… you’ve proven that many times… thank you.


  1. I’m a survivor of many things and that includes a few brushes with death, and enduring difficult treatment. I want you to know that you aren’t alone and I’ll keep you in my prayers. I’ll not define you according to your illness though because your poetry is more than amazing and in it your spirit sings. God bless and keep you always.

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    • Oh… thank you so very much Pam… I know that prayer works so I very much appreciate you keeping me in yours. My little spirit is strong and this is just another of life’s challenges and hopefully, in some way, it will help light a candle for another who may be lost in the darkness… Your site is new to me, but I have had the opportunity to linger a while in your words and find that your light is shining brightly for many, many others… Thank you for sharing it with me…

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  2. Dear Michael
    I thought this would be the best place to say my farewell. I read your account of your health and I have to admire your strength and the hope with which you have combatted this attack. I can’t help but be grateful for the simple and basic things in life when looking through your eyes. I also admire your tenacity and humour through which you keep going, I have so much to learn from you about what abundance means.

    How I’ve enjoyed hearing from you and knowing that I provided some light relief and a window into worlds that you can’t get to. You give meaning and expression to the moments which are fleeting yet so precious that we take for granted.Thank you for your generosity of spirit and I pray that it will return to you tenfold.

    If you’d like to say hello from time to time, you are welcome to connect with me at chevvybaker,
    I’ve so enjoyed engaging with you and keep strong – relishing every moment as you already do. Until we meet again my Friend, take care and you have my warmest regards! Chevvy


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