When I Awoke…

When I Awoke

When I awoke…

I could not find you near to me
Nor taste the breath of salty seas
Just empty rooms with silent throes
And raindrops on the rose

I searched beneath the willow tree
For eyes that wander memories
But parchment spoke in rhymes and prose
And raindrops on the rose

Conversing with the ones who know
Where ravens speak with telling crows
When I awoke where no one goes
With raindrops on the rose

I could not find you in the pain
But heard your voice in gentle rain
Found footprints neath the sparrow’s pose
Near raindrops on the rose

When I awoke in lucid dreams
And walked along cool mountain streams
I found you there… where lilac grows
In raindrops paused… upon the rose


Copyright © 2016


21 thoughts on “When I Awoke…

    • Thank you Wendell… You were the first one to comment and I thank you very much. I do so enjoy reading everyone’s posts with my first cup of coffee in the pre-dawn hours. It never fails to brighten my spirit. Thank you for brightening my day…


    • Your comments are always so kind and filled with encouragement and I thank you so much. I will always walk among the Lilacs… I do believe that I have seen you there…
      Blessing to you Sue…


    • Well… Fonz… In our case… it’s probably better whenever we awaken in lucid dreams than it is in our realities… but we will certainly wander n the beauty whenever it finds its way to us…
      I hope your awakening is filled with pain free and pleasurable moments.

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      • It’s funny isn’t it how WE feel like we know each other… Through illness. We understand each other through illness. You are my strength at times of tiredness, my energy when I thought I could go no further… I wonder if you will use these words in a blog? Thanks Michael. – Fonz


    • Thanks Dajena… I’m kind of torn between the third verse and the last one as my favorites… Together they kind of indicate where my emotional state dwells…
      Hope your day is most beautiful and thank you so much for your interaction. That’s what I like the most about wordpress…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Monica… I’m certainly glad to have you visit and to have your beautiful comment. I have found much interest in your site while lingering there and plan to dwell much deeper in your words. From your ‘about’ page… my mind is open Monica… filled with intrigue and always ready for explorations…
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Your comments always inspire me and brighten my day Pam… I do still look for all of what is beautiful in everything I can. Even ravens and crows have lifted me from the ashes…
      Lately… so very often… joy indestructible has lifted my spirit… and I thank you…

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  1. Hi hello this was a beautiful surprise. I thought maybe you posted something and here it is. I needed a gentle word from my friend just to know you’re okay! I see you’ve been floating among the lilacs again beautiful place to rest your mind. I’m smiling at you and sending back that beautiful sunset you ordered. It arrived just in time. Thank you for that! 😄🌀

    Liked by 1 person

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