Through Crystal Glass

Through Crystal Glass 2

Through Crystal Glass was inspired by my friend Fonz (Mark) in a post he titled “The Window”.  His post and associated comments inspired me to take my own journey through “The Window” and at his request… This is what I found there…

Thank you Fonz…


Through Crystal Glass

I peered through crystal window glass
In darkness fore the dawn
Searching for tomorrow’s light
Through musings of my yawn…
I traveled far beyond the walls
Where others do not stare
Where dreams are not just jaded hope
When troubled souls come bare
As hues of dawn touched window’s glass
Reflecting morning’s dew
When fog touched soft the lily field
Brought visions into view
I saw them on the mountain top
Their palms toward the sky
With beams of healing hues of green
And teardrops in their eyes
They offered me a crystal stone
Amethyst clear and pure
They welcomed me into their light
Where I could taste the cure
I peered through crystal window glass
In darkness fore the dawn
And flew beyond tomorrow’s light
Through musings of my yawn

Copyright © 2016


21 thoughts on “Through Crystal Glass

    • Thank you so much Pam… Your kindness always brightens my day. I spend a lot of time in the imagination… all I have to do is write it down…
      Hope your evening is most beautiful…


      • I spend a lot of time in my imagination too. I have to have some way to escape my issues. I am shut in so much of the time, my imagination is how I travel. When I went through treatment though, I went into too deep of an escape mode. I almost couldn’t come back. The combination of high powered drugs and horrifying side-effects took it to another level. It’s good to have an escape hatch but we have to deal with reality too. These days, I am for the most part, a shut-in. My imagination is how I travel, my writing is how I connect with others, and maintain an avenue where I can still make some kind of contribution to the world. I see you doing much the same. Keep reaching for life, Michael.

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      • I think most writers… if not all… have vivid imaginations and can linger there for long periods of time. I too am unable to travel but I have taken many a journey in my mind… in meditation… in daydreams that stretch well beyond reality… but I also like to visit a couple of other blogs that have also taken me on many a photographic journey to places that I never would have experienced if not for their sharing of their own beautiful experiences.

        I have attempted to stay away from high powered drugs and since I can’t have chemo due to my heart… I’ve been rather lucky in the side effect department. Side effects are horrible with so many drugs… even the ones that are supposed to be relatively safe. None of them are completely safe and the fewer we take… the better off we are.

        I’m not really a shut-in… but my health does keep me from doing many things I would like to do or going many places. That is just another reason why I write also. I love to read the thoughts… the imaginations… the realities of others and the emotions that go with each of them. The interactions between us is what I enjoy the very most about wordpress. I have made many friends here… and although I have never met them in person… some of them have shown their kindness… their compassion… their friendship… their truths… far more than many I have known in person.

        We haven’t known each other for very long in this black and white world of ours… yet I always look forward to reading your ‘contribution to the world’… and to find your words in my comments section… and I thank you so very much…



      • My great pleasure, Michael. My thanks to you as well. Your words are the words of a beautiful soul. Your suffering produced a diamond in you. I feel the same about WP. I’ve blogged for a long time but the people I’ve met here are very special. It’s been a wonderful surprise, a great blessing. Have a good night and I hope the week ends well. Be blessed and know you are a blessing.


    • Hi Chevvy… Meditation can come in so many forms… even in allowing yourself to drift through the crystal glass… You never know what you may find there…
      I suppose it is late evening there so I will wish you beautiful dreams…

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      • This is something I would like to try as well. Sometimes we need that higher state of being to lift us from our mortal woes. I’m saying good morning with my cup of coffee this morning and hope you are sleeping peacefully. Best. Chevvy.


  1. Your friend here Fonz visited my blog today and I also saw him at Belinda’s. I think it’s a beautiful thing when we all come together to support and offer hope, and encouraging words. This poem was sad to me, life has been a little sad as it has for many that you know. I was thinking it’s okay to be sad and to honor that and to also honor the journey with whatever shows up rather tears or smiles. Sometimes I find myself doing both at the same time. Beautiful poem Michael in honor of your friend! I believe this is why I started blogging to witness and be part of something bigger than we know! I’m quieted by this Michael!


  2. Oh, wow, Michael, your image is mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes from it. And your words pulled me in instantly. What a Gift you have, double at that, one with a camera the other prose. Beautiful post all the way around. I don’t know why I haven’t seen you in my reader. Perhaps we just are not blogging on the same days perhaps? I checked. Yes I am still following you. 🙂 No WP goblin at play. ❤


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