When Sparrows Shade the Vine


When Sparrows Shade the Vine 3

When Sparrows Shade the Vine
Your eyes have spoken softly
The words of a thousand rhymes
While perfume filled the sultry room
In shades of faded time
Your lips can tell their story
Of shadows behind the wall
While candles dim… burned far too long
For those who’ve never crawled
Yet hands can pen of reason
In hues of black and white
While truths that fall upon the page
May tend the sparrow’s flight
Eyes can speak of broken hearts
Yet lips still taste the wine
While fingers touch the face of truth
When sparrows shade the vine




24 thoughts on “When Sparrows Shade the Vine

    • Good morning Phoebe. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning. I would really like to turn this poem over to a psychology class of college students for their own interpretations, perceptions and understandings… and then post them all… Could be quite entertaining…
      Glad you dropped by this morning… I’ll pour you a cup of coffee…

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    • Oh, Pam… When I read your comment, it just made my day. “Chew slowly and savor each bitter and sweet.” Isn’t that exactly what makes a poet smile…
      Thank you so much…
      Hope your evening helps you savor the ‘sweet’….

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      • Thank you, Michael. I’m off to see my doc. I never know how that will end. I’m struggling with the cold and very ready for spring. Pain is a cruel task master, a companion I can’t make peace with or be rid of but when it ebbs away for a bit, it’s so amazing! Something those who don’t know pain so well can never experience. A taste of what Heaven will be like. I hope you’re healing well?


  1. I read this 3 times and tears came to my eyes. I love sparrows and the fact that there is a hand in your photo holding one like your words hold me and those who read them. I believe the gentleness of your words touched my tires heart. Truly! 💟

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    • Oh, Michelle Marie… Tears are not what I intend. I associate with the sparrow very well. I’m so glad that you love the little sparrows… There is a Simon and Garfunkel song that asks the question:

      “Who will love the little sparrow…”

      I will… and obviously… so will you.

      I’m not an Eagle nor a Hawk…
      Nor can I soar in morning’s breeze…
      But a sparrow’s song before the dawn…
      That echoes softly through the trees…

      Maybe your tired heart can find a little strength
      In the songs of sparrows…
      In the wind through the willow
      In the words of those who care…

      Thinking of you…



      • I’m love them too. I’m just emotional because of my girl. It reminded me of her! So it’s not a sad sparrow but I’m sad so sorry I said that. I’ll be fine. I won’t comment if i don’t have anything positive to say sorry about that.


      • Please comment in any way you feel like commenting. Don’t ever be sorry for something you said here… there is no reason to be… I don’t moderate my comments so I’m open for whatever words appear… Let it rip… It just might make you feel better and besides… it will give me a reason to try harder to make you smile…

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  2. Hello Michael, I hope you’ll be doing well when you read this. You might have noted that I’ve taken a break but I feel compelled to pay you a visit. Yes, I’d be interested in what the psychology class would say. I just take out that energy you have for seeing the beauty in things, in spirit that nurtures even in difficult times. But there is also the dichotomy of which one wins – the love, dreams, aspirations and the reality when things get to0 much. I guess I’d say that until our last breath, beauty must remain a constant – “Breathe the light always and let it mutate among all of us – surrender to it and it will bring comfort”

    Have a great cup of coffee 🙂 Best. Chevvy


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