Where Shadows Bide

Where Shadows Bide 3

I would like to apologize to all of my dedicated readers for the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  Most of March and now the first part of April have not been kind to me, but if you want to know more about that, you can visit the “Vision of Hope 33” site… I’ll not dwell on that subject on this site.  I thank every one of you for standing by me… for your beautiful and inspiring comments through the many months that we have been sharing our writing… our thoughts… our emotions with one another.  I cherish every moment of it.

To my dearest followers, ‘like’ button clickers and those who simply clicked the wrong button and found themselves here… wondering… I would like to ask you to spend a couple of extra minutes lingering in the words of the poetry that dwells beneath these words… not captured in the flow of the meter nor the words within their rhyme… but what ‘bides in the shadows’ deeply between the lines.  Then I want to hear your thoughts… your analysis… what you may find there resonating within you… or perhaps even a ‘what the hell was he thinking’ comment.

I have always said that the true meaning within poetic verse, lies within the perception of the reader.  The intention of the writer is not always within the mindfulness of the reader.  Let me know what you find there… your philosophy… your insight… your intuitive percipience… your confused cognition… your wonderings… your babble and blather… let it out… post it… tell it like it is… We’ll all have fun reading them… that’s what makes wordpress so much fun.

Thank you for the time you spent traipsing through my twaddle… I look forward to your expressions of incertitude of this writers sagacity.

Where Shadows Bide
When ere we melt into the night
No hues of wrong nor shades of right
The raven’s eyes our only sight
Yet wisdom’s borne… in black and white
Though who’s to blame for passion’s dare
No moment lost nor moment spared
The Panther stalks where prudence bare
While Nightingales sing songs of prayer
When ere we fade neath shadowed brume
No virgin birth nor virgin womb
The Magpie speak with darkened plume
Yet Lilac blush… in nature’s room
Though who’s to blame for passion’s dare
No breast of man nor maiden fair
The mortals stand with cold blank stares
While innocence leaves the soul to bear
When ere we ebb with morning tide
No sleep be lost nor tears be cried
The sparrow sings where shadows bide
Yet shadows bear the hearth to hide
Though who’s to blame for passion’s prize
Forbidden love or moonlit skies
The vulture feasts on sated guise
While passion blooms in hungry eyes

Copyright © 2016


11 thoughts on “Where Shadows Bide

  1. There is so much woven into this; the fear of death but also, the comfort of death, predators hide in the shadows but innocent creatures are protected there too, there’s morality with the need for it fading in death, wisdom too is for life on earth. It is a masterwork, Michael. Very wonderful and I feel honored to read it. I’m curious though how much I discerned is you and how much a reflection of myself in your artful words.

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    • Oh… thank you so much Pam. I too am honored by your wonderful comment. Yes… there is a lot about life in this one… I think that most of us… at some point in life… would love to linger in the shadows with just the songs of sparrows… This is most certainly a portrait of myself… yet only in the abstract form… yet I think it is a reflection of us all.
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend…

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  2. Life is always a path woven in light and shadow Michael.. The shadows of life come to bring illumination even though we may not always see the light of it.

    Time is the ebb and flow of Passions Date. The sparrow thinks not of shadows, but Sings despite the rain.. For He thinks not of the thought of who’s to blame, but dares to rise each day anew with heart of joy.. Enjoying all in Nature’s room. Where Magpie and Raven share the same Lilac tree..

    “Passion blooms in Hungry eyes” that are set with Love of life in’ Passions Prize ‘

    Sending Love to bloom in your heart Michael and remember we are not only mortal.. But Immortal .. When we believe we are invincible .. Keep that thought my friend..
    Love and Light..

    Sue xxx

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    • Good morning Sue…

      There is a part of me, perhaps a part of us all that sometimes desires to linger in those shadows of life… where sparrows sing and ravens chatter… but of course, I can linger there with the knowing that there is always light in the distance…

      Your comment is so very beautiful, bathed in poetic verse… bringing light to the shadows and joy with the rain. Thank you so much for stirring the emotions… where passion blooms…

      Love and Light to you too, Sue…



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  3. Wow…so when I was a kid at night I would listen to my little radio to “The Shadow.” I’m not sure if you know this radio show but the reader had this melodic voice and he told stories that made me feel much like your poem does. Like these wonderful mysteries that lie deep within and no one knows but the shadow of the man as he searches and waits in a secret sacred place where the songs of birds flow freely carrying maybe messages like angels. I feel like I’m right here with you quieted by this space of tender whispers waiting. Yes that just how it feels. What a beautiful poem Michael.
    Your art is wonderful and I love searching for the 33. Clever friend,😉🌸🌸 Have a gentle day!


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