Beneath the Braille

Beneath the Braille 1

Beneath the Braille
Perhaps my words just linger in illusions
Perhaps my face just moist from salted rain
For tears no longer hide beneath delusions
Yet footprints lie embraced neath winter’s grain
Perhaps the verse just lingers in the passion
Perhaps the rhyme just tastes the lonely breast
For love no longer hides beneath compassion
Yet poetry still bides in tattered nests
Perhaps the poem just lingers in reflection
Perhaps my eyes just see beyond the pale
For truth no longer hides in love’s complexion
Yet vision always dances neath the braille



Copyright © 2016




16 thoughts on “Beneath the Braille

    • Thank you so much Joseph… I am honored that you enjoyed it and took the time to tell me so.
      I certainly hope that the light is becoming brighter in your darkened times. I know that it is often difficult to find our way in the darkness… but please know that there are many of us who stand in that darkness with you… each of us holding a single candle so that you may see the light.
      I hope for you many beautiful days ahead…

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    • Thanks Tina… I do a lot of that ‘perhapsing’…. I agree with the love and compassion being of the same cloth… How’s the recovery coming along? It amazes me sometimes how you can be going through so much of your own difficulties… and still have that love and compassion to offer to others… Thank you.
      “Perhaps” you should have a beautiful day today…

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      • The recovery is pushing forward. I can’t help loving and caring for others. It’s in my nature. Most of the time it’s rather like breathing, it just happens without thinking. I’m Looking forward to a fun weekend getaway with a few of my kids to refuel my ooompf. Then it’s back to Physical therapy and tests and on and on. How are you doing? You’re on my mind a lot.


    • Now that’s exactly what a poet wants to hear Sue. Touching the heart is such a challenge, yet it is what we always long for. Thank you for touching mine and brightening my day…



    • Thank you so very much Eric. I’m not too sure about the ‘gifted’ part of your comment, but I am certainly honored that you think so. Thank you for joining the journey on the visionofhope33. After visiting your site… I am certain that you have wandered many a journey with those who are searching for the light and I thank you for helping so many others along the way.
      Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…

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  1. Oh wow you are right I love this photo. What sweet sweet babies waiting for their momma to feed them and a perfect illustration for your beautiful words. Though the nest may look tattered to our human eyes, it is constructed with love which makes a sort of Braille message that has no words but simply is in the instinctively felt. Wow I love this. Every word Michael tenderly you! 😄💜

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    • Yes… I knew you would like the precious baby birds… They are Cardinals and both parents were busy feeding the two that have hatched so far. I was lucky to find a moment between delivery of the food to snap the shot without disturbing anyone… I hope it brought a smile to your face.
      Wishing your morning to be pain free or at least near…
      I bet your wildflowers are enjoying the rain…


      • AWE yes yes I love them a lot! I love the sneaky way you did that. A rare shot for sure! You must have been watching them for awhile. They did make me smile for sure!
        I have less pain today than ever so yay for that. I’m happy my wildflowers are getting a long drink so they can grow and grow. I’m eager to get out there and photograph them. 😀


    • Aloha Bela… Yes, there is poetry and beauty in so many places that so many people fail to see. Glad you are one who can find that joy and beauty in the simple things… So glad you dropped by and took the time to brighten my morning…
      Hope your day is most beautiful…

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