Whispers Midst the Rain

Whispers Midst the Rain

Whispers Midst the Rain

She wandered in the darkness
Though her light shined through the brume
Reaching for the answers lost in time
She never spoke the secrets
Ever woven through her soul
But couldn’t find her song lost in the rhyme

Forsaken from inception
Though her words seeped neath the door
No one heard her whispers midst the rain
Abandoned by the angels
Bathed in silence of the moon
Where no one heard the echoes of her pain

Hiding in her shadowed dreams
Though her eyes wept in the hush
No one touched her tears with gentle hands
Damned by plundered innocence
And clothed in tousled blame
Her bare feet never stirred the grains of sand

Where then must the heartache hide
Though her secrets fill the room
Reaching for the mourn in crimson cream
Penetrating neath the pain
Though scars are never mended
The naked soul must bear the silent screams

What dwells in her tomorrow
Though her lips still taste the vile
No one turned the page to free the blame
Hands that hold the sharpest edge
May weep the vein of marrow
Yet never drowns the taste of haunting shame

So what of those who love her
Though her heart has veiled the morn
No one knows just how to break the dawn
Perhaps these runes portending
To bathe in exculpation
Will breathe the breath where hallowed lines are drawn


Copyright © 2016




14 thoughts on “Whispers Midst the Rain

    • Good morning Tina… It has been a “while” since anyone has referred to me as “sweet”… so thank you.
      So you liked my mental meandering… This was written for someone very dear to me… I hope it might help her find her way to know that there are those who are caring, understanding and non judgmental…
      It is often difficult to see that when one has lingered in the fog for so long…
      I hope you are recovering well… can you swing a baseball bat yet? When you can… let me know so that I can start being ‘sweet’ again…
      Hope your Monday is filled with delightful moments…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m told that sports are a nono for this summer, at least. You get (hugs) not bats, unless you mean to be very very naughty. I hope your friend can fnd the caring. Hugs to ypur friend as well

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    • Good morning Chevvy… Hope you are well and happy… I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I know I have been out of contact for a while now… I have been having a rather rough time, but I am hopeful to be feeling better soon and get back to being my old obnoxious self. I have missed you and I’ll be catching up on your posts soon. Thank you for standing near to me for so long…
      Hope your Monday is proving to be most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Michael – I’m so pleased to hear from you though sorry that has been a rough patch. I just pray that everything will work out fine for you. I am doing well and thankfully in good health. I’ll look forward to seeing you soon on my blog but only if you are up to it. Take care my friend. Best. Chevvy

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    • “Deliciously dark”… that’s kind of where I hang out a lot of the time it seems. How are you doing? I think about you often and hoping that you are able to find at least “some” happiness amidst the brume… So glad you dropped by… Take care of you and know that there are many of us wishing you wellness and happiness.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you Micheal for your well wish. There has been so many deaths and people getting diagnosed with cancer in my milieu as of late that I went totally numb. The body’s way of of dealing with too much pain. I will see this through I have no choice. I hope you are well with your circumstances as much as you can be. I know it is not easy for you and I am lost for words to speak to you except to give you a virtual hug.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Good morning Sue… I’ve been away a bit myself as of late… not by choice particularly… but dealing with issues that have prevented me from thinking much about writing. I am a bit better today and remain as always, my little “hopeful” self. Thank you so much for the love and blessings… they seem to help far beyond what medicine can touch…
      I hope your day is filled with beautiful moments…
      Love and blessings to you…

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      • Sorry to hear that Michael..
        Sending via the airwaves is all I can do my friend. But I do so believe in ‘Energies’ finding those who require them.. So I am sending in earnest again today Michael.. As I pray for a better week along with more energy to fill your presence..
        Love and Blessings always xxx Sue

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  1. “No one turned the page to free the blame” – ah. It seems this is something only we can do for ourselves, unfortunately. But it sure would be nice if someone else could do it for us, at least once in awhile 😉 Nice poem, Michael. Aloha.


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