By the Dawn’s Early Light

Please do not judge this writing by normal poetry measures.  It is completely wrong in form and meter and every other measure of proper poetic verse.  That is exactly what I intended.

There is no rhythm nor meter to find
No form to analyze or even define
No pattern of rhyme that flows like the clouds
Simply a musing that wanders my mind

I have perhaps taken some great liberties with this poem by incorporating lines from
“The Star Spangled Banner”
“America the Beautiful”
“The Pledge of Allegiance”
along with some beautiful and meaningful words etched into the Statue of Liberty…

If the use of those words would offend you in any way within the context of this expression of the author’s emotions… please read no further.  However… I feel that using them within this context makes a definite and meaningful point and expresses my thoughts the clearest… “By the Dawn’s Early Light”…

By the Dawn's Early Light

By the Dawn’s Early Light
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave
Americans are sending their own to the grave
O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light
When gunfire continues to reign in the night
O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
Flying half-mast for what innocence gave
O beautiful for spacious skies,
for amber waves of grain
Yet bodies lie neath shadows brume
          in senseless bloody stains
America, America God shed his grace on thee
For violence and pestilence is drowning out our plea
Just crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea
And take away the hate and rage that falls on bended knee
The torch is still lifted high in the sky
Give me your tired, your poor
Yet our own huddled masses yearning to breathe
Left dead on the dance room floor
Send us the homeless, the tempest-tossed
But you’ll hide neath the shadows of time
It seems that the freedom that flies on the hill
Depends on the verses you rhyme
The pledge of allegiance for which we stand
With liberty and justice within
Seems not to apply to LGBT’s
Nor those with a bit darker skin
Perhaps we should cease with the rocket’s red glare
And stop all the bombs that are bursting in air
Then we might change all the wrong into right
With the flag waving peace….
          by the dawn’s early light


Copyright © 2016


16 thoughts on “By the Dawn’s Early Light

  1. A powerful plea dear Michael.. One that I so echo.. I also did a poem with this same tragic episode in mind..
    Sending Love and thoughts your way.. Hope all is well with you?
    Love and Hugs my friend.


    • Good morning Sue and thank you so much. It is indeed a tragic episode and the real problem is that every time it happens, everyone is so heart broken… the politicians all gather at the site and talk about how it needs to be fixed… yet… they continue to do nothing because it might keep a few dollars from flowing their way. It’s just a pitiful situation. Thank you for joining in the fight against this plague with your beautiful words and you are exactly right… “this is our chance- to join as one together”…
      Love and hugs…

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  2. Agreed with you 100%. For many years, many, Many years, I have fought for human rights and justice for all. And the end of senseless wars, in which men looking for adventure and a quick way out of town end up losing more than they ever gain. For everyone around them, as well.
    I am distressed beyond belief that the mysogynists and bigoted racists and homophobes are out of the closet – it’s shameful. Good news is that now the world knows the underbelly of this nation. And perhaps, with the world’s input, this Shadow can begin to heal.
    Aloha, Michael. Great thoughts, all.

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    • Oh, Bela… thank you so much. Sometimes I think that the fight for human rights and justice for all is just like beating our heads against the bricks that line our politician’s heads. It seems their only way of thinking in response to any crises or situation is to look the other way or go bomb and kill more people. It makes me physically and mentally sick.

      Yes, I do believe that the world is seeing this nation in a different light… but will it help us at all? I think what disgusts me the most is when I hear so many of our citizens and politicians say that the answer to gun violence is more guns… the answer to terrorism is killing as many people as we can in other countries… Whatever happened to promoting peace and love throughout the world?

      Okay… sorry… I kind of got carried away there. I’m getting old Bela… I’ve always been rather hopeful that I could spend a few years living in a peaceful nation, perhaps a peaceful world before I passed… perhaps I was just delusional… but I remain hopeful just the same.

      We’ll continue to hope that the world’s input will help shine a light upon our nation…

      I hope your day is most beautiful and thank you so very much for your interaction. At least there are “some” of us who just want to love one another and enjoy the peacefulness of being human…

      Aloha, Bela…


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      • Oh gosh, Michael – I’m right in there with you. I once read something Pema Chodron wrote that said, “Abandon Hope” as one means to peace of mind. I understood it, too. I, too, am getting old – just turned 63. And I don’t really harbor any illusions that things will automatically smooth out like a wet sheet snapping in the wind. If only it was that simple. I think a revolution is definitely needed, the more peaceful the better, but the old guard will Not go down easy. I think those symptoms are already manifesting themselves in the increased bigotry and hatred pushing up through dark origins into the light of our lives. And it’s ugly, Michael – it’s so ugly. But at least now we know our collective Shadow a little better. Now those of us who are too tired to fight write and speak our truth when others can hear. And we stand behind those who have the energy to go out and make the changes we thought we made back in the 60’s and 70’s. Meanwhile, the earth turns and the garden grows and we do what we can to embody loving kindness. Some days it’s easier than others. Blessings on the day, dear one. And do know we stand together. Aloha.


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