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Poetry Heard 2

My special thanks to Michael McClellan for introducing me to the poets for peace collaboration and inviting me to contribute to the “Poem Heard ‘Round the World”….
I am very honored and proud to offer my contribution and hope that all who visit this site will also visit the host site for this wonderful collection of poetry for peace at https://forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com and also enjoy the beautiful poetry of Michael McClellan at https://thepoetrychannel.wordpress.com/

If you wish to contribute your poetry to this magnificent Poets for Peace project… please visit either of the above sites for the simple instructions.


Poetry Heard Round the World

I wish I could tell you that everything changed
We all know the world is the same
Walk in the light while we hide in the shadows
Yet all of us stand in the blame
The children, the teachers, the lovers, the blue
The innocence bled through the vein
The bombs, the bullets, in the silence of lambs
While all of us stand in the rain
So what does it take to bring peace to the world
In our streets, our cafés, our hearts
Our children still carried from school to the grave
While bureaucrats tear us apart
Our drones with their missiles, our jets with their bombs
The order to kill upon sight
Our high powered rifles can slaughter the crowd
Yet innocence dies in the night
Peace is not found leaving blood on the roses
And killing just magnifies hate
We all stand in prayer when they march into hell
While governments open the gate
So what does it take to bring peace to the Earth
While all common sense comes unfurled
Perhaps it’s the sharing of love with another
In poetry heard ’round the world


Copyright © 2016


27 thoughts on “Poetry Heard Round the World

  1. Excellent contribution Michael my friend.. When more of us unite with this aim of creating PEACE..then I think we are helping to spread more peace around the world..
    Sending you my love and well wishes Michael..
    Sue ❤

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    • Thank you so much Sue. Sometimes it seems like those searching and reaching for peace are heavily out numbered by those who find only war and violence as the answer. Uniting our words, our love, our never ending desire to bring peace to the world can only help to shine the light upon another…
      Good to hear from you Sue… Hope you are well and happy.
      Love and hugs to you…
      Enjoy a most beautiful Saturday…

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      • Thank you Michael, I am well, I took time out for a week, to detach for a time from the internet and TV.. I needed PEACE within my own sanctuary.. of Thought.. Sending lots of love and still have you in my healing prayer book my friend xxx

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      • Thank you for having me in your healing prayer book. Sometimes people don’t realize how much that really helps one to feel better. How in the world do you manage to detach from the internet AND TV… I don’t often have a problem detaching from the internet, especially when I am feeling too badly to create anything positive to share… but I still have to turn on the TV to see what is going on in the world. I seem to have an addiction to news on either the internet or the TV but I seem to have to have one of them to update myself. It seems that things change so quickly these days. However… I certainly do need the peace within my own sanctuary as well. I try to go there at least for a short time every day. Sometimes… I’m actually successful. Thank you for the interaction today, Sue… You have always brightened my spirit…

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      • My hubby is addicted to the news. I remove myself when its news time.. 🙂 and often people will post things relavant to the news with posts I follow, so I turn off the modem and spend time in nature in my garden, reading, learning guitar 🙂 and just BEing.. The News is geared to Fear.. And is contaminating our minds ( along with films, PC games and all geared up to violence.. Why we ask is the world the way it is? We are the ones creating it.. I am choosing to detach from it.. It doesn’t mean I do not care.. In fact I care too much, it hurts and tears open my heart to see the things happening in the world.. I have to lift my vibration, this in turn is helping lift the worlds.. 🙂 We are ONE.. xxx 🙂 And you are most welcome Michael for the healing..
        I write names within in and hold my hands over it.. and send.. The Healing energies know where they are going.. 🙂 within the grid.. 🙂 Love to you my friend Sue ❤


  2. Thank you so much for joining your voice with ours. Michael. I went ahead and pasted your poem into the comments section of Neha ‘s post for you. If you feel moved to contribute another piece, and I hope you will, before August 31st, please paste it into the comments for us.

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    • Good morning Michael… Well… I thought I had pasted it into the comments section but… I’m old Michael… so there is really no telling where I pasted it. I will probably add another piece or two by the end of August… and thank you so much for your own contributions… I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them.
      Hope your day is most beautiful…

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      • Well Michael, I am old as well and if you posted it and I just missed it, it wouldn’t be the first time this week, nor the second.
        Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. You were missed during your hiatus, and mine.

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  3. Exceptionally done rhyming poetry to make us look at peace nowadays. My wish one day is to wake up and find peace around the world but will I ever see it in my lifetime? If we love ourselves then this love spills over to others and in that essence, peace is there. It starts with us ultimately with the joining of hearts with others. Peace to you and to everyone.


    • Good morning Joseph and thank you so much. It is often difficult to find that inner peace with all the chaos that surrounds our lives… but you are exactly right… that is where peace begins. You do a wonderful job of sharing your heart… your love with others and I thank you…
      Hope your day is most beautiful


      • You’re welcome. You also share your poetry from the heart and there is peace there. Yes when chaos surrounds our lives peace evades us but in those moment those are the moments to step away from and try to get some sort of peace knowing that we are always being taken care of and this life we live is only borrowed. I have a longing to go home and in that knowing I find peace as well.


  4. a wonderful contribution Michael, so many voices must make a difference, even if we can open one mind, one heart…but I keep asking for them all to heed the love and peace…I am a perpetual dreamer that way. Peace and love, Kim

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    • Thank you so much. I have just come from spending some time on your site and would very much like to thank you for sharing your life and your love with the wonderful voiceless creatures in search of that love. I am of course an animal lover and have spend many of my more recent years rescuing sick, abandoned and injured cats and kittens. I and all of my kitties send you hugs and love for your special compassion and caring.
      Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day and I hope your’s is most beautiful…

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      • You are very welcome Michael. It is wonderful how many poets are coming together through Poets for Peace and I am grateful to have discovered your blog through this. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you even more for rescuing so many cats and kittens. Warm hugs from the whippets and me and we wish you a magical rest of the weekend :o)

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  5. Daddy, BRILLIANT!! Unfortunately, I did not inherit the brilliance or creativity gene… that explains the one word comment. I LOVE this one though. Maybe my favorite … guess it’s the hippie in me. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

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    • Brilliant? I’m trying to think if I’ve ever spoken or written anything brilliant. Hmmm…. Probably not… You know of course that I must disagree with your feeling that you did not inherit the creativity gene… It just doesn’t always express itself in the same form as the source. Your grandmother was a “brilliant’ artist, yet I can’t draw a stick horse. Perhaps artistic ability skips a generation and that is why you draw so beautifully. You must have inherited the ‘brilliant’ gene from some other source.

      Now that hippie thing of yours… well… we both know where that came from.

      I love you very much also. Glad you dropped by and enjoyed your visit.

      (How many favorites do you have now?)


  6. Wow I read Mother Teresa’s book, “No Greater Love,” while Alex was in the hospital for 28 days. She said something like this….
    “I feel we too often focus only on the negative aspect of life on what is bad. If we are willing to see the good and the beautiful things that surround us, we would be able to transform our families.
    We do not need to carry out grand things, in other to show a great love for God and for our neighbors. It is the intensity of love we put into our gestures that makes them into something beautiful for God.
    Peace & war start within one’s own home.” Let’s start there. I love what you said in this poem it reminded me of this passage form Mother Teresa’s book. It goes on to say so much about love. I believe you are a vessel of love and I have always felt this way about you and your words. Always so beautiful! I hope your day is blessed as you have blessed me with your beautiful words. ~~~~ღ Micki


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