A Soldier’s Minuet

A Soldier's Minuet

A Soldier’s Minuet

What is there in light that we can’t find within the darkness
For I have heard her whispers neath the brume
Perhaps the candle lights the wall with dancing silhouettes
But shadows never leave the darkened room

What is there in joy that we can’t find within the sadness
For I have touched her tears neath peace and pain
Perhaps the breeze can break the fall from echoes of regret
But heart ache doesn’t drown beneath the rain

What is there in peace that we can’t find within the battle
For I could taste her lips beneath the fray
Perhaps the music slows the crawl, a soldier’s minuet
Yet bones will ere be restless neath the clay

What is there in love that we can’t find within the hatred
For I have seen her grace beneath the rage
Perhaps the verse can change the scrawl in rhyming epithets
But poetry alone can’t turn the page


Copyright 2016


16 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Minuet

    • Thank you so much Nathalie for standing by me, no matter my time of absence. It is so good to hear from you. It seems that my health does indeed reflect upon my writing and although I have accumulated many files of ‘not so good’ poetry along the way… I still occasionally write something that I think the readers might find interesting, and I am so grateful for those who continue to stand near to me and still find ways to brighten my days. Thank you.
      I hope your day is filled with beautiful moments.


    • Good morning Phoebe and thanks for dropping by once again. I know that this one seems to be a little reversed, but anyone who has been in a war zone, an area of hunger, of homelessness, of illness… knows exactly what it means. You have been in many of those situations and completely understand its true meaning… Thank you for your continued compassion and your endless pursuit of helping those who dwell within the turmoil.

      Wishing you a most beautiful day…


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  1. Oh wow another beautiful poem. I was thinking how wonderful it would be to have a solider’s heart such as this. You write so sweetly of things I fear I missed as well! Maybe this solider will live another life and experience all that was missed! Who knows! ~~~ღ Micki


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