Weaving Webs

Weaving Webs

Weaving Webs

I sat before the window glass
     Watching morning shade
          Creeping from the dawn
               To light of day
Wondering just what it’s like
     Existence without time
          Walking through the rhyme
               In shades of gray
I sat before the crystal pane
     While crimson blushed my face
          Drifting in and out
               Of certain fate
Imaginations, lucid dreams
     Wandering in passion
          Vestige in the rust
               From Iron gates
I sat beneath the skylight’s bloom
     Awaiting moonlight’s ruse
          Sensing virtue veiled
               In make believe
Illusions bode Cimmerian shade
     The dawn reposed in hate
          Tangled neath the shade
               Of webs we weave


Copyright © 2016


13 thoughts on “Weaving Webs

    • I’ve been doing the same thing Michael. I’ve searched out sites I am following because I hadn’t seen anything from them in some time, only to find that they have been posting all along and it has not been showing in my reader. If you discover a reason for it… please let me know.

      Hasn’t that poetry for peace collaboration become a ‘thing of beauty’? Thank you so very much for all the time and effort that I know you must have spent putting it all together and for your wonderful contributions. It may indeed reach around the world. Now… if we could just get all of our government leaders to take it to heart……………………..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, Michael. I didn’t anticipate all that would be involved with the collaboration. Being approached by Praxis ratcheted things up quite a bit. Tracking down permissions takes time. But it is well worth it to be part of a wonderful body of poetry. I am already looking forward to next year when we can tie the theme into the U.N. International Day of Peace.
        Thank you for your work as well. This would not be what it is without you and nearly 200 other gifted Poets.


  1. Michael I love your poem, you are gifted my brother, keep sharing, I have been writing over 40 years and sharing since 2000, I have thousands of poems, and by what your heart shares I know you will have many to inspire and lift many of our fellow sisters and brothers. God bless!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Wendell… I’m not so sure that I agree with the gifted part, but writing has a way of soothing the soul and reading the beautiful poetry and prose of others has brightened the light through many darkened times. Thank you for sharing your light with me.
      Hope your Sunday is most beautiful…


  2. “I sat before the window glass
    Watching morning shade
    Creeping from the dawn
    To light of day”

    Poetic and visceral at the same time, it drew me in to the poem and the experience, well penned poem, Michael.


      • Your blessings and good will for me to have a beautiful day struck my soul, thank you, I am going to go out for a walk because just as I read your blessing the sun came out. 🙏🏾
        May your day be blessed and happy, and may there be music in your heart and soul . 🎻



  3. Such a reflective poem Michael and I agree with Wendell.. You are a Very Gifted poet.. Yes what webs we weave… But then its a poets job to create such wonderful gifts of illusion.. And you weave with your pen such magical webs..
    Love and Blessings Michael.
    Sue ❤


  4. Hello wow what a treat to visit here and see more than one poem I have not read. I love this and your photo art is always lovely! I forgot to mention that I love your moon beam poem as well! What can I say that you don’t already know? Beautiful as always Michael. ~~~ღ Micki


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