To Walk on the Moon

Moon 1abc

To Walk on the Moon
I’ve always wondered just what it was like
Traveling through space at the speed of light
Thirsting to fly in a silver balloon
And to know what it’s like to walk on the moon
I once had a dream that I wore golden wings
And flew round the world upon silver strings
Thirsting for love fore life came undone
And to know what it’s like when touching the sun
I traveled in tunnels from my world to theirs
And climbed into heaven on back alley stairs
Searching for passion fore time disappears
And to bide in the light of celestial spheres
I would not nor could not dwell on this earth
If hope had not entered my soul upon birth
Seeking the light neath shadowy brume
And to know what it’s like to walk on the moon


Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved


13 thoughts on “To Walk on the Moon

  1. Wonderful poem Michael we all gaze upon the Moon and wonder!.. Yet I bet once on the Moon your gaze would be well and truly upon the Blue planet whose jewelled blue oceans and sandy yellow deserts and white capped poles, you would soon be wishing to walk upon the Earth..
    We get to fly soon enough .. So enjoy the ground, the breeze ( lacking on the moon ), the rain drops on our face ( No water on the moon ) and of course.. The company you keep.. 🙂

    Sending Love and healing thoughts Michael.. lovely to see you this afternoon in my reader.. Time now I am here to catch up with your good self..
    Love and Hugs
    Sue ❤

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    • Good morning Sue… and to walk on the moon would indeed be the most wonderful place to gaze upon the blue planet in all its splendor. I love the views from the space station of our amazing planet. I’m not certain about wishing to walk upon the Earth again. I would most like to dwell without war and hate and bigotry… so perhaps the moon would be enough to satisfy my wandering and peaceful soul… but of course… I would have to take my kitties along with me.

      You know that your love and healing thoughts have helped me through many darkened moments and I always cherish them so very much. I am certain… that if I ever should walk on the moon… that your love and those healing thoughts will still find me through the ‘light’ of the moon.

      Thank you so much for continually brightening my day…

      Hope yours is most beautiful…

      Love and hugs to you…


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      • Yes I so understand those thoughts of not doing our Earth Walk again.. I was told some years ago this was my last upon Earth.. Maybe some distant planet is being birthed and this experiment within our human form is now drawing to its closure .. Our Four-legged companions seem to have their own worlds balanced.. They have their spats and get to extend their claws, but in an instant it is forgotten.. Preferring to live their now moments.. Cats have always been my preferred friends. 🙂 And like their cousin The Dog.. who are loyal and give unconditional love, live in the NOW.. I think we could all learn so much from our animal kingdom..
        Lovely to hear from you Michael .. Sending more love and healing energy over the airwaves and ocean.. ❤ Love and Blessings Sue ❤


  2. Oh wow! It seems I’ve missed a few of your posts. I love it when you travel on the light and visit. Your heart will know love I believe you share your light with others and to me that’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for all you share with me and for meeting me where I can be found! So beautiful always your words are to me! ~~~ღ Micki

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    • I always enjoy catching up when I’ve missed several posts of those whom I enjoy. I love to linger in their words and absorb the beautiful artistry like I always encounter on your site. I’m glad you stopped by and shared your ‘light’ with me. It always makes my light shine brighter and I am honored to meet you where you “can be found”.
      I love that little heart before your name… Thank you for sharing it with me.
      I hope you have a most beautiful and peaceful day.


  3. This is lovely Michael. How would be cope with challenges and dim sides of life if we didn’t dream and hope. Those are often the drivers that keep us living – really beautiful! Chevvy


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