If Not for the Wind


If Not for the Wind

If it were not for the wind
What carried the ashes from the fire
To lie in the silence
Standing before me
As if knowing I could never let go…
The ebon’d grains of cinder
Like shadowed freckles
Against my face
Touching what used to be
To what remains
Of a pummeled soul…
If it were not for the wind
What carried the storm from the sea
To sting against my skin
With savage breath
As if knowing I would once again
Turn the other cheek…
It was not that I willfully
Wandered to the depths
Where breath is shallow
And the heart beats in rhythms
Never rhyming in the dance…
Yet… that is where I linger…
Clinging to a single thread…
Reddened by the blood of my fingers
Whose grasp would have long passed
Been borne of the burden…
                    If it were not for the wind…
For it is the gentle breeze
Of your very breath
That wanders through my soul
Giving hope of the tattered braid
To stay unbroken…
If it were not for the wind
I would not have found you
To lead me away from the cliffs of Dover
And the unforgiving sea lying beneath me
Hungering for my shivered soul…

Would I have seen the shadows
Dancing in the harmony of wonder
Nor heard the distant thunder
In the dawn…

Would I have found the light
So brightly shining beyond the horizon
In colors I had never before imagined…
                          If it were not for the wind…

Copyright © 2016


15 thoughts on “If Not for the Wind

    • Good morning Sue and thank you. Yes the wind is amazingly powerful in so many different ways… physically and emotionally. Yet… I find that your healing energy can still find its way to me… even against the wind.
      I hope your day is filled with beautiful moments and soft, gentle breezes..

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  1. I love you Daddy! I remember being very young, sitting in your lap just inside the garage feeling the wind from the storms as we watched … Thank you for that! I still do it now… without the garage.


    • Hi Sweetheart… Yes… we did have some beautiful times watching the storms come in. Watching without the garage is quite a beautiful thing…. until it hails… but then… you do know when to wear that hard hat. Thanks for wandering around on my site… and in my heart…

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  2. Ah! that wind Michael- that blows us hither and thither that keeps us holding on to life, that crosses continents to help extend our dreams and take us places we would never otherwise walk. I hope the wind that brought me here today brings good energy to you my friend. You are as ever, writing beautiful poetry. Namaste, Chevvy

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    • Good morning Chevvy… or I suppose it’s good afternoon where you are. You have always brought with you a most beautiful energy… whenever you drop by… and in the many moments you don’t even realize… and I thank you…

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      • Good morning Michael. You’ll most likely be asleep as I write this. I know that it is Autumn where you are and I’m sure it is filled with beautiful Autumn landscapes, though temperatures are dropping and days getting shorter. I am looking out onto beautiful spring landscapes with brilliant greens of new leaves and already there’s lots of colourful blossoms. I’m just waiting for the roses to blossom most likely in the next week.
        It is amazing how an almost barren landscape can sprout with new vibrancy almost overnight. Wish that all aspects of our lives could be like that – that just overnight,the things that cause us pain, hurt,sorrow could just replenish with the same vibrancy.In the absence of that, I hope that with these few words, I will impart some ray of light into your world – the energy you speak of. Though we’re on a virtual platform, we are real people and I am humbled and honored if I have added to the light in your life. My offer still stands for you to stay to touch.
        Warmest wishes. Chevvy


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