Vagabond of Light


Vagabond of Light

I am nothing more than a vagabond of light
Wandering in the blush
Abandoned by those of indifference
Those who could not find the hues that melt their heart
Nor the tinge that would blend with their passion…
Yet mixed in the pigment left behind
By those of malcontent
I have found amidst the complexion of the dawn
A semblance of light… lingering in purity…
A humbled heart…
And the aesthetic sense…
                                    of being human…


Copyright © 2016


6 thoughts on “Vagabond of Light

  1. This is so beautiful Michael. How the words dance like painting strokes to create a visual delight. At the same time, how well it reflects that vagabond of light that we display or find even in our stormy or dark days. Have a lovely Sunday Michael and may you experience much more than a vagabond of light. Chevvy

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    • Good morning Chevvy…or rather good afternoon. You are so kind with your comments. “…words dance like painting strokes…” What humbling words to read about something I have written. They seem to reflect a sense of poetry within themselves.

      Although we may not see it in the moment… it seems that all of the light that has come and gone throughout our lifetime… blends so beautifully together to make us the human beings we are today. Another of those life’s mysteries…

      Hope you are having a most beautiful Sunday and thank you so much for brightening mine…


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