True Colors


True Colors
You know, of course
You have been looking in all the wrong places
For there is beauty within everything….
Places you would never think to look…
Places deep inside you
Where you hide your most intriguing beauty…
I know you have lingered in the rainbow
And pondered the scent of the rose
For they are cast before your eyes within their splendor…
But have you ever mused
For even a moment of introspection
In the complexity and beauty of the moth…
Colors not found in the rainbows of our lives
Nor in the soft brilliant colors of the rose
Yet… you will find perhaps
In the breath of the moth
The natural hues of the universe…
Discoveries of what is beautiful far beyond
What we find before us in our busy world…
Far beyond what others dare to show us…
Far beyond what we are willing to share with another…
Yet… the moth knows not vanity
Nor bigotry
Nor racism
Nor prejudice
Nor discrimination of any kind…
It lingers not in yesterday
Nor longs for a tomorrow…
Yet the hues of the moth are there to spark the wonder
Of all who may seek the beauty within the moment
Not hiding the willingness to share what lies within…
Nor expressing any desire to harm another…
Nor disparaging one who reflects the hues of a different color
Nor expressing any desire to talk behind the back
Of one who radiates peculiarity…
The moth always lingers near the light
While living only in the moment…
Displaying its truth to all who wander near…
To those of curiosity…
To those of wonder…
To those who offer others their innocence
Unafraid of the darkness of night…
Unafraid of the dawn…
There is no rhyme to praise the moth
Its hues entwined in mystic cloth
Living life with soul that’s bare
Unconcerned with gems it wears 

There is no verse to grace the moth
It hungers not for magic broth
Pursuing love in cool night air
Then spreads its wings in silent prayer
Though poetry may find your heart
The moth’s defined in nature’s art
Perhaps it lingers near the light
To see the world not black
                                 Nor white…


Copyright © 2016


6 thoughts on “True Colors

    • Thank you Joseph. You are so right. I believe it is because there are so many that cannot see beyond the sorrow the suffering and the heartbreak to see the light that blends all the colors into beautiful.
      Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday…

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  1. Michael, It often takes me time to obsorb poetry so I didn’t comment when this post reached out and grabbed me. I was going through a difficult time, with a difficult procedure coming up for me. One night, about 3 days after I read this, my dog was being a little funny so I looked around me and there in mid air was a luna moth! We are in a cold region so this moth is out of its element entirely. It lingered and around and then hid. I thought of this poem immediately and of your comments on my blog too. The next day, I found it sitting on the floor. I bent down to scare it into flight but it wouldn’t fly. Instead, it hopped onto my hand. I carried it higher into the air (didn’t want the puppy to eat it) and it flew off again. That was the last time I saw it-the next day I had my procedure and was not home. I thought you might enjoy the story;)
    I don’t beleive in coincidence.


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