Waiting for Wings


Waiting for Wings

He stood beneath the lamplight
Just shadows of a man
Mumbles neath a shallow breath
That no one understands
Reaching out his withered hands
To touch the gentle rain
Searching for one loving word
To ease the brutish pain
Raindrops fell inside his palm
As winter bowed to spring
Peace appeared on languid eyes
Just waiting on his wings
Passersby with souls of fear
Heard mumbles turn to rhyme
Verses told from wisdom mused
In syncopated time
He stood beneath the lamplight
Embraced with silver strings
Poetry from marrow’s rain
Just waiting on his wings


Copyright © 2016


8 thoughts on “Waiting for Wings

  1. This was so well written Michael. Both beautiful and sad at the same time..
    How are you? I have not visited you in a while, Hope I haven’t missed too many of your wonderful poems.. Sending thoughts your way my friend
    Sue ❤


  2. Hi Michael I had to come read your beautiful words tonight. They always make me smile. I didn’t comment on all of them but know I love them all.
    Along with this raindrops in hand I would gladly offer mine, 😄😄💕


    • Perhaps you’ll find reflections
      In the lamplight
      In misty morning hues
      Before the dawn
      Cherished words may blur
      Without the moonlight
      When tangled lines of fate
      Are deeply drawn

      Knowing only droplets
      Of your sorrow…
      Yet…having felt the weight
      Of raging storms…
      For I have wandered blind
      Into tomorrow…
      Wishing all your rain
      Was soft and warm

      Sometimes we only know
      When rain is nearing
      When distant thunder
      Echoes through the night
      But rain must touch our skin
      Before the clearing
      Before our wings unfurl
      To give us flight



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