In Crimson Blush


In Crimson Blush

What mysteries must prey your mind
In feinted lair where love is blind
What secret’s veiled… if one may ask
Behind the door…
Behind the mask

You wander mystic corridors
With faces etched on marbled floors
What fever flares down darkened halls
Behind the ruse…
Behind the walls

Walking neath the shadowed stairs
While tempting fate for passion’s dare
What liquid weeps in crimson blush
Beneath the bloom…
Beneath the hush

You scribble rhymes in ancient runes
While sipping broth from silver spoons
With verses penned the burden’s pawned
Beyond the dusk…
Beyond the dawn

You hide your brume tween fractured lines
While darkling’s seep from braided twine
What vapors rise from potion’s flask
Inside the tears…
Inside the mask

What creatures stir in dark back rooms
In cryptic tales from ancient wombs
What creatures prowl… if one may ask
Inside your soul…
Behind the mask


Copyright © 2016


7 thoughts on “In Crimson Blush

    • Hi Sue… Yes… I believe you are correct. Some deal with them better than others and there are some of us… perhaps the ‘un-normal’ ones… that can enjoy at least some of those creatures prowling there… our own as well as those of others… if they allow us inside… behind the mask.

      I’m so glad you dropped by… I let myself get so far behind on responding and even posting on a regular basis and I am so very grateful for those who stand beside me through it all..,

      Thank you for sending your love… your hugs… and your healing energy. I’m putting it all to good use.

      Hope your day is most beautiful…


      Liked by 2 people

    • Good morning Danica… How wonderful to hear from you… and thank you so very much for thinking of me for your inaugural Treasure Trove Award. I am both humbled and honored and will cherish your nomination. Thank you so very much for making me feel that my writing has touched someone enough to be honored in this way…

      Have a beautiful day Danica and again… thank you.


      Liked by 2 people

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