Rose on Fire


New Year brings the thoughts to mind
Of all that’s passed and left behind
Pathways crossed still intertwined
In flaming roses on the vine

New Year brings what hope desires
While music plays from mystic choirs
Sometimes dreamers walk the wire
And leave behind the rose on fire

New Year brings what lovers lose
Inside the rhymes from which we choose
Yet eyes will warm with tendered hues
When flaming roses grace the muse

A most beautiful 2017 to all of you… Thank you for dropping by and brightening my first day of the new year…


Copyright © January 2017


13 thoughts on “Rose on Fire

    • Thank you Elaina… I’m am definitely hoping for a better year ahead, but I must admit… I am most graciously grateful for the privilege of being here with the ability to write and to share conversation with those of you who have continually brightened my days and nights. Thank you…
      I hope 2017 fills your life with many beautiful moments.

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    • Hi Chevvy… Thank you so much. If all the fruits and harvests of my hopes and dreams show up at once… it’s going to be a bit piled up around here… but I think I could deal with that. Wishing you a most
      beautiful year as well, Chevvy…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mim… I”m so glad to hear from you. I must come visit your site to catch up… I have done a very bad job of keeping up with those I enjoy so very much… So maybe 2017 I’ll be able to wander more in the islands…

      Wishing you a beautiful year ahead, Mim…


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