The Copper Pail


The Copper Pail

I’ve been all through the lines I’ve crossed
Poems half-finished where rhymes were lost
Through notebooks scribed with crimsoned pen
And parchment mired with could have beens

Shards of me on every page
Dancing truths cross paper stage
Of love…
Of lust…
Of mortal sin…
A passioned touch of light within

The crumpled page of love and life
While hues still cling to palette’s knife
I’ve singed the edge of wrong and right
And graced the tinge tween black and white

Never sip from poet’s grail
Where secrets hide neath shadowed braille
The chalice spills its crimson wine
And bleeds in truths between the lines

Perhaps just hiding words unspoken…
The tattered soul the heart that’s broken…
Perhaps unsaid they tell the tale
The crumpled page… in copper pails

Though crinkled pages out of time
May somehow bring to light the rhyme
To dwell in other worldly lives
Upon the wings…
                                  Of dragonflies


Copyright © 2017


19 thoughts on “The Copper Pail

    • Good morning Phoebe… Thank you so much for dropping by and enjoying the copper pail. I find it very difficult to throw away writings of any kind… and of course… I know that I will one day be looking frantically for one of those I tossed in that pail….

      Thanks for the “lovely”… Hug Samantha for me and have a most beautiful Weekend…



    • Hi Joseph… I like those lines also… in fact… that is my favorite verse of the poem and there must be some truth to the line “Perhaps unsaid… they tell the tale”… There are many times when words are not needed… and some of those times are truly the most beautiful…

      Have a beautiful day… and thank you for appreciating the ‘dragonfly’…


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    • Me too, Elaina… Perhaps that “hope” you wish for and the positive thoughts you share… are exactly what helps provide those ‘happy endings’ to every love story.

      Hope your day is most beautiful… Glad to have you near…


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    • Maybe that explains why I have such a hard time throwing anything away… I’ll toss some of the dreams, the ideals and all of the sins into that copper pail… but I’m keeping the fantasies… I’m old… I’m taking them with me.

      Hope your are having a most enjoyable Saturday, Chevvy… Thank you for always being here with me.


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  1. I love when I come here and find poems I haven’t read yet! You know I love your words and how you weave them together and say so much without saying exactly what you mean. Your poems are a good example as to why I love reading poetry so much it says so many different things and touches part of the heart that haven’t seen the light in a long time…if ever! Have a wonderful day Michael. 🙂

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    • I love to braid the chain of words… perhaps not saying as most would expect, what I mean… yet… my emotions can always be found between the lines… if one should take the time to wander there… lingering within the spaces where time does not exist… searching for my soul where one would least expect to find it… as you have done so beautifully for such a long time now… I am humbled,,, and honored… always… by your presence…



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