Of Morning’s Light


A little about the author of what some may think as poetry… and some perhaps of nonsense… As some of you may have presumed from my writing, I have delved deeply into meditative and altered states of consciousness.  Although I actually think that ‘altered states’ as some refer… really alters nothing and is just the result of a more direct focus of consciousness.  There I have found words of the ancients… insights… poetry… often, they share their mysteries.

Perhaps I am an ‘old soul’… perhaps I am merely a lost soul in search of the unknown.  I seek adventure… to wonder of the world… of the many worlds that surround us… those that linger outside our normal, human vision… the most alluring.

On one of these meditative journeys, I found myself sitting at a wooden table in what appeared to be a kitchen area resembling what one would think existed in the 17th or 18th century.  I was wearing somewhat bulky red and black clothing from head to toe.  My fingers were adorned with several large gold and beautiful gemstone rings.  Staring down at the marble floors, I felt a tremendous sense of sadness… to the depth that I have yet to shed from my memory, the intense feeling of heartbreak and sorrow.

In a bit of synchronicity… the morning following this meditation… this encounter with what I must at least consider as a possibility of an image of a past life ((hope I didn’t lose too many of you on that statement))… the local newspaper had a very small, irrelevant  article that spoke of Louis the XIV having placed marble floors in the Palace of Versailles.

Now… I certainly had no presumption that I was a king… yet… perhaps I ‘could’ assume by the way I was dressed… the rings on my fingers… the setting… the marble floors… that just perhaps… I was in some way associated with someone of significance in that era of time.

This Friday morning… at 3:30 a.m… I awoke with poetry in my head.  I laid awake repeating it over and over to myself… to avoid letting  the words I was given from worlds unknown, slip from my memory… That same feeling of extreme sadness, loneliness, longing…  again overwhelming my being…  At 4 a.m… I could wait no longer to place the words in safe keeping…

These are those words…

She has lingered so near to my heart
The sound of its rhythm
Echoes in the silence
Of a cold winter’s night…
Words never spoken
While bare feet danced
On cold marbled floors…
Yet faded runes
Still fondle walls
Of cryptic cellar stone…

Loneliness hath no forgiveness
While souls still wander
Down castle halls
And whispers soft… in garden bloom…

She has lingered so near to my heart
The light of my soul
Now burnished hues
Of morning’s light…
Yet voices heard in dark of night…
Keep mortal flesh in silence…



I would truly like to explore those cryptic cellar stones!

Perhaps this was all just coincidence and dreams… but perhaps………..?

Copyright © 2017


23 thoughts on “Of Morning’s Light

  1. This is beautiful Michael. But I know that you seek answers to this puzzle. I tend to think that if you are mindful, the answers will come. I think dreams are powerful mechanisms to take us to those other worlds and I have always been intrigued by dreams and that “calling” I have had to travel to some of the places I’ve been. Those have not been coincidences for me, they have had a purpose just as yours has had coupled with that deep sense of sorrow you felt.

    I think sometimes, it is a gift we have to connect to worlds forgotten. I am fascinated with that need to discover. It was wise of you to write down the words that came to you. In time, more will be revealed. It’s just how it is. I feel that . Not sure if you’ve read any of Michael Newton’s work on journey of souls which explores this subject. I have a fascination with churches by the way. De ja vu, once again 😊

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    • Thank you Chevvy. Yes… I am ‘always’ searching for answers that seem never to be found… until one day… they just appear before you as if a gift from another time and place. A number of my wonderings have come through meditation. Your calling is most assuredly connected to where you have wandered in times past and I find it most interesting your fascination with churches. I feel certain that at some point in time… you will discover the reasons for your fascination and it will most likely be a very beautiful experience.

      I must admit that I don’t believe in coincidences… only the synchronicity of the universe finding ways to touch our souls. Chance meetings… unexplained callings… someone calling you that was at that very moment on your mind… to me are all forms of synchronicity. They are supposed to happen for a reason. My dad’s name and number often pops up on my home phone… It doesn’t ring… just name and number. He passed nearly a year and a half ago… I have never programmed any names or numbers into that phone so I must wander in the most pleasant thought that it is just him saying hello… There are so many mysteries to our world… to the many worlds that I believe we have travelled before. Feeling drawn to someone you have never met… knowing that the light within them is what stirs your soul… is a magnificent experience and can spark a beautiful friendship. Perhaps echoing a remembering… discovering someone in this lifetime that you have wandered through the universe with many times before.

      Okay… as you can see… I could ‘wander’ in this subject for eternity and I love reading about new possibilities of the journey of the soul. I will certainly find Michael Newton’s work and explore.

      So glad you dropped by Chevvy and shared your beautiful words with me…

      Hope your Sunday is filled with beautiful wonderings…


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      • Oh I have enjoyed reading your response and wandering with you Michael. I do believe synchronicity has had a hand in our friendship andI agree that we may only discover at a later point what those reasons were. I’m intrigued that my destiny number in numerological terms is number 9. I’m no expert on the matter but I do believe this round is a culmination of sorts for me. I remain restless until I see more of the puzzle. But whenever I am restless and start to wander something happens or someone comes into my life to present the signposts. I just love the thought of that. So I have no doubt that your wanderings have significance for you. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and blessings to you.❤️


  2. There was a time when I was so positive about past life experiences, dreams, precognition. Now I’m older and supposedly wiser but instead I feel more ignorant than ever! I do still believe we should have faith in our intuition whether it arises from our powerful & imaginative brain or our soul. Lovely poem, Michael…

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    • Hi Clarissa…

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to brighten my day. I’m not certain of the powerful part of my brain… but I am certain of my enormous imagination. I tend to think that anyone who enjoys writing for whatever reason… probably enjoys a vivid imagination. Although I am older… I truly don’t feel wiser in some respects while I think that we gain much wisdom through the years… I think our greatest wisdom is gained through the soul… when we discover that it is what holds the truths of the universe… the ‘knowing’ of what is right and what is wrong. I agree with you… we should always trust in our intuition… that little voice inside us always “knows”…

      So glad to hear from you… Would love to hear that ukulele…


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      • Thanks for your thoughtful answer, Michael! LOL, I did make a ukulele video and uploaded it to YouTube but changed my mind. Maybe in a few years. Right now I’m trying to speak some of my poems and upload them. Waiting in dread for that thumbs down to turn blue 😀


  3. Michael, your words are captivating. And you didn’t lose me at all at the reference to Past Life.. Having had several past life recalls myself I fully appreciate and understand.

    Also so understand the waking with the repeated words echoing in our heads.. Which is why I sleep with a journal at my bedside 🙂

    It could well be that you hold such deep sadness from that past life Michael.. Judging from your illness too.. Your heart condition, your breathing difficulties.. As well as everything else..
    Sadness eats silently away at our inner core we hold it within us and its perhaps no coincidence that now in this time within our world right now. We are witnessing such emotions coming to the surface of mankind.. As we a humans and Nations are perhaps preparing to rid ourselves of these burdens once and for all as we move through the next phase of Energy changes.

    Keep tapping into your wonderful talent of poetry Michael, it is a true gift my friend.. And I hope as you blend both worlds together in this way, release can be found for all souls both sides of the divide..

    Love and Blessings ..
    Sue ❤

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    • Good morning Sue… or perhaps it’s afternoon where you reside. Thank you for your beautiful words. I use to keep a journal at the bedside, but seldom would I actually sit up… turn on the light… and write. I have written a few things down in the dark however… which makes for some very entertaining reading in the morning light

      For those of us who do believe in the past life experience… I do believe that there is much more to us than our humanness. I have read many books on similar subject matter and most agree that experiences from past lives can and often do affect us in our current lifetime.

      Perhaps the next phase of Energy changes… will bring all of us to the realization that there is a light within all of us… and our Namasté greeting can actually become a reality… which of course would spread the love through all of humanity and perhaps bring peace to our world. Okay… perhaps there is a little ‘dreamer’ in that statement.

      I will always keep writing, soaring through the universes… and sharing my ‘wondering’ upon the page.

      Thank you Sue…

      Have most beautiful Sunday…


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      • Never give up that Dream Michael.. We dreamers have to believe that LOVE will one day bind the world together.. Many thanks for getting back to me with your lovely comment..
        Sending continued love and healing thoughts my friend..
        Blessings for a Peaceful Sunday xxx
        Sue 🙂


    • Hi Joseph… good to hear from you… I think most of our writings are filled with layer upon layer of understanding… both intended and unintended… Since what we write is virtually left to the perception of the reader… its meanings are endless…

      Those allusive Akashic records are often difficult to tap into… but once we do… the knowledge is most magnificent…

      Thanks for dropping by… may your Sunday evening be filled with beautiful voices of the ancients.


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  4. Perhaps she was waiting for the one who’s heart was entwined with hers I think so. I could always feel the sashaying as she waited. I think barefooted is the best way to dance! This is beautiful Michael. Always dreaming you are! ❦♡❦

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    • Oh, Audrey Dawn… if only I knew where I was needed? That’s kind of like finding out the purpose of life. Maybe there are some who find that answer, but I think that many of us are just wanderers… hoping that our wondering of the mysteries of this world will somehow take us to where we can brighten someone else’s day… or bring love to one who is searching. Perhaps bringing a smile to someone’s face is a purpose within itself.

      Finding the answers doesn’t really seem any more important than how we deal with life while we are searching… To offer a quote from my hope33 site… actually a quote from one of my large kitties who thinks he is still just a kitten and loves attempting to fit into tiny boxes:

      “You must learn to live and love within the moment… whatever the circumstances you find before you… even if your cardboard box is a bit too small.”

      Probably won’t make its way into a book of famous quotes… but I thought you would appreciate it just the same… and perhaps bring a smile.

      Hope you are enjoying a most beautiful Sunday afternoon…



  5. ‘Perhaps I am an ‘old soul’… perhaps I am merely a lost soul in search of the unknown. I seek adventure… to wonder of the world… of the many worlds that surround us… those that linger outside our normal, human vision… the most alluring.’ – Sounds like an old soul to me. I found this poem especially moving.

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    • Good evening Elaina… It seems that an old soul can most often recognize another. There are times however, in my wondering of the world… that I feel as though I have not gathered the wisdom as yet of an ancient…however… I often ‘feel’ like an ancient… but I’ll keep working on it. So glad you found this poem moving… That’s exactly why we write poetry and I thank you for brightening my day.

      A beautiful Sunday evening to you…


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