Tuesday Rain



It’s a beautiful cold and rainy Tuesday morn here in the southern plains.  Most folks might feel that I am a bit ‘touched’ in the mind for feeling this way, so perhaps I should explain.  I woke this morning in the wee hours… eyes opening to a new day… to explore the wonders of the world… rain playing a most beautiful melody upon the window pane… Stepping outside the door with my first cup of coffee… the cool, fresh morning air offering the wonderfully clean aroma of Mother Nature’s perfume… with one who has always lingered in the scent of love… my breath, but a mist… sparkling in the streetlamp.

Perhaps it is my age… perhaps I have learned along this journey that has brought me to at least a fragment of wisdom… that has brought me to know love.  For love does not come with hors d’oeuvres at the finest restaurant… nor in a box of chocolate… nor upon the petals of a rose… but in the words one speaks in kindness… in the smiles one brings to the face of another… in the soft touch of one’s fingertips against the skin of one who longs to ‘know’ love…  It lingers in conversation… in sharing the silence… the quietude… knowing… without words… that you are loved.

Love is not defined in a single day of celebration… but in love shared with one another… on a most beautiful cold, rainy Tuesday morn…

Happy Tuesday… May your day be filled with love.




4 thoughts on “Tuesday Rain

  1. Wow this is beautiful Michael. I always find your words here are always like a song to me. Your photo is stunning love your artist accents. I could go on and on but you know how I feel! 😁💛🌼❤


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